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  1. Yesterday
  2. Public Server Reset Coming Soon

    The team is proud to provide you a sneak peak of the new spawn/lobby that is under construction. The entire staff has been busy carefully coordinating and constructing the new server and we hope that everyone enjoys it. More information and maybe even screenshots to follow. Maybe even an opening night Fireworks show
  3. 2018 Apocalypse

    The end has arrived... The apocalypse has officially begun. As you read this, minions of evil venture their way into the world with the sole intention of torturing your souls! Be ready for a fight if you dare! Take up your arms and defend your homes! WARNING: No town is safe, this is NOT an Opt-In event. For more information on the reset, see our previous thread. The following cities have been attacked: Argenta The following cities have been Destroyed: TBA
  4. Earlier
  5. This is a quick announcement that yes, the rumors are true, after several years we are finally revamping the public server. Not alot of information has been prepped for release to the public, however we are working on a few ideas we hope you all love and some extra fun perks for the premium and VIP members. But Tarquin, you haven't told us anything?! You're right, well I can tell you a couple of things; The first you won't like but it has to happen. Your inventory nor any chests or items of ANY KIND will be coming over. So have fun with them while they last. We will possibly run an apocolypse like normal, so feel free to gather and prepare your Diamond armor and Swords, although it usually doesn't help against my mighty horde of Withers. There will be a new rank available, exact details haven't been finalized. That is Builder. Builder's will be approached by management (You cannot apply for it) based on the quality of your builds as well as your community reputation. Builders will be involved in server builds whenever we are doing them (We hope to be more frequent) We are no longer taking applications for staff, much like builder we will be approaching trusted members with a positive community reputation. We ARE taking suggestions (Nothing is guaranteed), you may reply to this topic with a suggestion. All suggestions should follow the rules below. The date of the reset is not yet confirmed, we are currently working to build certain aspects of the new server before we set a date. Stay tuned. More information will follow once we finalize the features and details. Also stay tuned for this! Suggestion Guidelines First and foremost, serious suggestions only. Don't reply with "me too" responses, simply click the like button (Bottom right of posts) to add your support. Reply if you have your own suggestion or a similar but different one to an existing one. No debates or arguments in this topic. Tell your friends to come have their say also. We are remaining survival multiplayer, not creative.
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  8. Hey drifter XD

  9. How do u change your profile face


  10. how do you get on a sever


    1. YT_Haylee


      u need the ip dude

  11. I've been stuck in a loop of death on LDShadowlady's Sever for two days now and its really bumming me out that I can't play

    1. AQRNT


      how do you get to play


  12. About time I played Minecraft again!

  13. Why is there no PvP on ldshadowlady ;--: 

    1. smollAlex


      What does Transmogularistic Residue do? 

      Can you amke something with it?

  14. ankcta i appealed for my unjail so please can you read it

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