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  3. Why is there no PvP on ldshadowlady ;--: 

    1. smollAlex


      What does Transmogularistic Residue do? 

      Can you amke something with it?

  4. ankcta i appealed for my unjail so please can you read it

  5. Heyyyyyyy gurrrrrrrrl

  6. The random teleport portal doesn't work... Is there any way to fix it?

  7. are u minecrafter_myles?


  8. Okay so I've been in jail for almost 4 days and I though I would be out by now? does that mean I'm in jail perm? Cause I really don't want to be in jail perm.:mellow:

  9. Hi Ank, its me Foxmist I wanna come back to the server. Please! I've changed now and I promise that I will behave and be considerate of others. Therefor I sincerely apologise for my griefing days that have now ceased. I hope you find it in your heart to allow me to return to ldshadowlady. Thank you

  10. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  ^_^:wub::biggrin:

  11. Any Commands Members don't know about?

    Well, if you want to see more cool commands, try the /lwc It has some cool commands like auto close doors and magnet chests See where it goes..... >:D
  12. Any Commands Members don't know about?

    Tnx Ank this will help me alot!
  13. hi im so bored im gonna post another art thingy XD

  14. Hello my self~


  15. :boom:CHECK IT!! I'M PROUD AND IDC WHT YOU THINK :) TO ANK!! @AnkctaAnks Project.png


  16. Any Commands Members don't know about?

    There's not a lot of hidden commands. There's towny. There is a list of towny commands atwww.abgn.net/towny Some of them are usable, some are not. Obviously there is /home /spawn /tpa (name) /tpahere (name) /tpdeny /msg (name) (message) If someone is being annoying ..... /ignore You can use the same command to unignore them. /cinfo /lock or /unlock /cprivate or /cdonation or /cpublic are all different types of locks for doors and chests For premiums and Vips: All of the above /hat Premiums have 3 homes, VIPs have 5 so .../home (name) To disguise as a mob.../Dis and /undis
  17. If there are any commands that all users can use, that you might know about please reply and tell us Thank you ♥ -Kuwai~
  18. I'm Bored so I did this :hello: O-O Haia! :P

  19. also i would like to put out that well done to moka becoming community rep.

  20. Just wanted to say thank you to everyone who voted for me :).... So here it goes....



    1. Ankcta
    2. sue


      :D:D:Dwell done lol ankcta

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