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  2. How do u change your profile face


  3. how do you get on a sever


    1. YT_Haylee


      u need the ip dude

  4. I've been stuck in a loop of death on LDShadowlady's Sever for two days now and its really bumming me out that I can't play

    1. AQRNT


      how do you get to play


  5. About time I played Minecraft again!

  6. Why is there no PvP on ldshadowlady ;--: 

    1. smollAlex


      What does Transmogularistic Residue do? 

      Can you amke something with it?

  7. ankcta i appealed for my unjail so please can you read it

  8. Heyyyyyyy gurrrrrrrrl

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