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  1. Public Server Reset Coming Soon

    Calling VIP Members! We are happy to announce that the new spawn will have plots that VIP's can 'dibs' over the first few weeks. Keeping with the basic theme of the city, you may build whatever you think fits. It will be a first come first serve so when the server goes live, find the plot # you want, the code on the sign and send me a PM here on the forums with the number, the code and your in game name. Ensure you give a second and third preference so that if you dont get the one you want, you get the 2nd choice or 3rd choice. All allocations are STRICTLY first come first serve, there are a few different terrains to build with (We expect you to, for the most part, build WITH the terrain and not just flatten it) and a few different sizes. Allocations will be based on the timestamp in your PM to me down to the seconds. P.S. Remember that bigger isnt always better, you need to be able to produce enough supplies to build in the whole space you select!
  2. This is a quick announcement that yes, the rumors are true, after several years we are finally revamping the public server. Not alot of information has been prepped for release to the public, however we are working on a few ideas we hope you all love and some extra fun perks for the premium and VIP members. But Tarquin, you haven't told us anything?! You're right, well I can tell you a couple of things; The first you won't like but it has to happen. Your inventory nor any chests or items of ANY KIND will be coming over. So have fun with them while they last. We will possibly run an apocolypse like normal, so feel free to gather and prepare your Diamond armor and Swords, although it usually doesn't help against my mighty horde of Withers. There will be a new rank available, exact details haven't been finalized. That is Builder. Builder's will be approached by management (You cannot apply for it) based on the quality of your builds as well as your community reputation. Builders will be involved in server builds whenever we are doing them (We hope to be more frequent) We are no longer taking applications for staff, much like builder we will be approaching trusted members with a positive community reputation. We ARE taking suggestions (Nothing is guaranteed), you may reply to this topic with a suggestion. All suggestions should follow the rules below. The date of the reset is not yet confirmed, we are currently working to build certain aspects of the new server before we set a date. Stay tuned. More information will follow once we finalize the features and details. Also stay tuned for this! Suggestion Guidelines First and foremost, serious suggestions only. Don't reply with "me too" responses, simply click the like button (Bottom right of posts) to add your support. Reply if you have your own suggestion or a similar but different one to an existing one. No debates or arguments in this topic. Tell your friends to come have their say also. We are remaining survival multiplayer, not creative.
  3. 2018 Apocalypse

    What is the apocalypse? The apocalypse is how we celebrate years of building and adventuring on the current map. We begin with the fall of perpetual night as the world slowly turns in on itself. No... seriously... end portals start to spawn around giant pillars of Lava and magma, mobs start spawning in increased numbers and rates and withers begin to form in the deep and dark caverns. That's just stage one! Stage two is an array of attacks on major towns and cities around the server where NOTHING is safe. Withers start to appear with ghast and Blaze armies along side. Town(y) protection starts to fall and builds are longer safe from mobs. Stage Three is a much more coordinated attack resulting in the end of all you know on the server, finishing with a black screen. This is when we switch off the server and prepare the new map for launch. Stay tuned for more information on what and when everything is happening! See you soon!
  4. 2018 Apocalypse

    The end has arrived... The apocalypse has officially begun. As you read this, minions of evil venture their way into the world with the sole intention of torturing your souls! Be ready for a fight if you dare! Take up your arms and defend your homes! WARNING: No town is safe, this is NOT an Opt-In event. For more information on the reset, see our previous thread. The following cities have been attacked: Argenta The following cities have been Destroyed: TBA
  5. Public Server Reset Coming Soon

    The team is proud to provide you a sneak peak of the new spawn/lobby that is under construction. The entire staff has been busy carefully coordinating and constructing the new server and we hope that everyone enjoys it. More information and maybe even screenshots to follow. Maybe even an opening night Fireworks show
  6. Overwatch

    It's fun! Play It. If you think you're pretty good, we can try to get a pre-made going!
  7. Watch Dogs 2

    Developers Initital Release Stream:
  8. Titanfall 2 Trailer

    *Singleplayer Trailer Below!
  9. As everyone knows, there was a recent topic that we allowed everyone to submit their votes for who they wanted to be the Community Helper rank. @ohpuddle hereby retains Community Helper. Congratulations Puddle, we look forward to working with you for the next 1-3 months. Congratulations once more to ohpuddle. Finally, thank you all for voting for your fellow members. It is great to see everyone having their say and we look forward to the next election in 1-3 months. Watch this forum and the server to ensure you don't miss your opportunity to have your say!!! Stay Subscribed to the Latest News By Clicking Here!!!
  10. As everyone knows, there was a recent topic that we allowed everyone to submit their votes for who they wanted to be the Community Helper rank. The vote ended in a double tie, resulting in a tough situation. In much deliberation it has been decided that the following will occur; @ohpuddle is hereby declared the winner for Community Helper. Congratulations Puddle, we look forward to working with you for the next 1-3 months. Your rank will be issued within the next week. After several years of knowing him, and months of ongoing deliberation, This vote has proven to us that is in fact right for a job within our moderation team. As such it is my honor and pleasure to announce that @XxSED1xX is now a part of our Moderation Team. We are also proud to announce that @Hellefleur will be returning to our Moderation Team aswell. A huge welcome back for our wonderful Helle!!! Congratulations to both of you. Ranks will be issued as per the staff's timetables. You will be contacted for relevant training and education. Finally, thank you all for voting for your fellow members. It is great to see everyone having their say and we look forward to the next election in 1-3 months. Watch this forum and the server to ensure you don't miss your opportunity to have your say!!! Stay Subscribed to the Latest News By Clicking Here!!!
  11. Welcome to Pages

    Welcome to Pages! Pages extends your site with custom content management designed especially for communities. Create brand new sections of your community using features like blocks, databases and articles, pulling in data from other areas of your community. Create custom pages in your community using our drag'n'drop, WYSIWYG editor. Build blocks that pull in all kinds of data from throughout your community to create dynamic pages, or use one of the ready-made widgets we include with the IPS Community Suite. View our Pages documentation
  12. Upgraded Website Today I am posting to officially announce that the website has undergone some fairly major upgrades, as you can probably see. As of this post, we are still waiting for the upgrade of our own look and feel to be completed for the new software, however most of the functionality has been restored already. In addition we have some nice new features such as the Member Map and new Support System. All punishment appeals will now be run through the support system to better streamline the responsiveness of moderators and other team members. We hope this will ensure faster and more efficient responses from the team overall. In addition you will ALSO see that suggestions and bugs can be posted through here too. We prefer them posted there but if you want community input, you are welcome to use the existing forum to nut out your idea before posting it officially via the Suggestion Submission system. Hopefully we will all notice some performance improvements with this upgrade as well as a much much higher compatibility with Mobile and Tablet Devices! Server Status We are currently finished the prep work required to reset the server. There is a temporary Ancient World that has been put up to allow users to play around during this time. We expect the entire process to be completed before the end of this weekend. As far as towns and emeralds are concerned, we HAVE calculated how much each town Mayor will be given. All recorded town mayors will be receiving a partial refund to allow them to establish towns of reasonable size after the reset. The number was built upon how many users each town had at the time our original announcement was made... NOT how many plots or outposts the town had. Why can't we just get a full refund? Villagers spawned at huge rates due to the way that towns were spawning. This resulted in a massive influx of ill-gotten emeralds that should not have existed. As mentioned in the previous topic there were towns with hundreds upon hundreds of emeralds and even a few with thousands... all within 2 weeks. As such we felt it unfair to take them all away as at least some would have been obtained legitimatly. Partial refund calculations have been saved and will be issued within the next week to mayors. For all other members: look to your mayor for a re-invitiation or to otherwise negotiate your share of the refund. The Mayor has discretion at this time and we will not be stepping in to divvy up the spoils. Premium Users Over the coming weeks I will be organising 2 week passes for Premium users to reimburse for the past 2 weeks. We sincerly apologize that the plugin failure has caused such a mess. We hope to rectify it and leave it be after this final set of fixes rolls out. We hope that you can all understand the reasons behind the reset (Even though the members voted for it) Web Store Along with the server and website upgrades, the webstore has been updated to reflect both sets of changes. This includes the new currency and new discounts offered for Premium and VIP members. View the new store here. We are still accepting suggestions for new items and even entire kits via the new suggestion system. While we try to take every suggestion seriously, we certainly can't guarantee that your idea will make it to live. You may suggest names, text colours, item stats and even the price we sell them at. If sold, you will be given the first created one (free of charge) and your name will be displayed in the store as 'Designed By: ' SIDENOTE: The TeamSpeak server has also received a minor codec upgrade which should improve the voice quality. Please let us know if there is anything wrong and we can rollback to the previous config. Thank you for reading my Text-Wall. We sincerly welcome feedback and are thankful that you are all here to enjoy the new features with us. Kind Regards, The Abyssal Gaming Network Team
  13. Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, Today I am posting the first update and 'suggestion box' of 2016. This might get a little confusing so if you have any questions please feel free to ask. As always your opinions and feedback/suggestions are always welcome, however we do not welcome or permit harassment or arguing in these topics. Topic 1: Ancient Reset First and foremost, we would like to discuss the new server world 'Ancient'. Due to some unforseen glitches in the world generation protocols, a vast amount of overly-rich veins of diamond, redstone, iron and coal ores have generated into the world. In addition some large and some HUGE towns generated which included large quantities of flags, chests full of items, pistons, beacons etc. Because these have all generated in, we have found many people settling into these 'towns' and areas, and many have even given up as everything has been handed to them. Why would you want to go on a massive mining adventure when you can find stacks of diamonds within 5 minutes? We would like to reset the Ancient world with the corrected generation systems. Anybody who has started a town will be awarded with 16 Bonus Emeralds to ensure you can re-found your town after the reset. ** We may be able to offer a transfer service for large builds that players have been working on where they do not include a pre-existing town or structure, the chests and other storage units within the build would not be removed and you are in fact the builder/owner of the area in question. Please also note that inventories and Ender Chests will be reset to keep with maintaining an even playing field. Topic 2: Mod Elections It has been a belief for a long time that the moderators would serve to pick the new moderators with the administrators making the final decision. However we think its time that the members get a little bit of power back for this process. We would like to do a series of elections to select a 'Member Representative' who would be apart of the moderation team for a 'term'. This term could last between 1 to 3 months at a time (This hasnt been decided) and would be from 5 randomly or voted upon (Not yet determined) runners. The member with the most votes at the end of the 'election' will be appointed moderator and be given the same powers and responsibilities as a moderator including being apart of the moderators closed group discussion during their term. Elected moderators who abuse their powers are subject to immediatly being removed and possibly being banned from the network. This rank is in addition to the existing moderators and will not prevent permanant mods from being chosen in the future. The current elected moderator will always be automatically added to the next election to be given the opportunity to 'defend their title' Let us know what you think of this or if you have an alternative suggestion to the process. Topic 2B: Helpers Instead of Moderators Many say there is a large concern about popularity contests and abuse of power, these are the reason this hasnt been introduced to this day and proves the maturity of the community as a whole when considering such changes. An alternative would be a helper rank with only certain powers. If you preferred this option, please submit your ideas for what powers and responsibilities these users should get. Topic 3: Financial Stability As everyone knows, it costs a good amount of money to run the server. Most of the features we operate are free for all players, however we need to incentivise users to 'sponsor' the server financially. If you were going to donate, what would you want in return? Please post your ideas on items or features you want offered in the shop as well as pricing that you think is reasonable. While all suggestions are welcomes, silly suggestions will be ignored or perhaps even removed. We honestly want the players to have their say and would prefer to avoid small groups from ruining it for the larger groups. Some Suggestions by others: /fly - $100 1 x Spawner (Actual Spawner, Not Egg) - $50.00 New Kits New Custom Items New shops where emeralds can be traded for items Some Confirmed Changes: Classes that are currently for Premium/VIP will be made available PERMANANTLY for $5.00ea A new world exclusivly for Premium/VIP Members Server Currency will be fixed in the next update to reflect the change to emeralds from virtual dollars. Changes in Discussion: New ranking structure expanding to up to 6 different ranks including the current 3 (Prem/VIP/VIP+) Player Shops where players can setup unattended shops to trade goods with other players Topic 4: Difficulty As commented in the first topic, difficulty is an issue that plagues survival servers. As they exist for longer on a single map, they become easier, and as such more boring. What are your suggestions as a community as to increasing the difficulty to prolong the current map? This may be suggesting plugins (We are wary when considering new mods, dont be offended if we dont do it) or changes to features such as delays on teleports etc. Topic 5: Bugs Please ensure all bugs are reported in the necessary topic.This allows us to keep track of them all. Note that once your bug is picked up, your response may be deleted to make room for more. This is intended. If the issue you refer to is in fact a feature, your post will be editted with a comment to say as such. Please Report Bugs Here: http://www.abgn.net/bugs ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thank you for reading along. We certainly hope you can provide your input and help us to improve the server in a way that keeps it fun for you guys. When responding please include [Topic 1] or [Topic 2] or [Topic 3] or [Topic 4] depending on what you are replying to. If replying to multiple please divide your post into headings that read like above so we know what your comments refer to like so; You may Hotlink to this page via: http://www.abgn.net/yoursay You may follow this topic for updates on responses by other members by clicking the Follow button in the top right; [Clarification Posted January 13th] Topic 1: We have realised that players are fleeing to the Epic World with their items, as such both worlds are now up for reset due to this bug. However the offer to move builds minus a select few* items still remains and if enacted, will be followed through. Town Mayors will receive a calculated refund based on their town size at the time of the original post (It will not be 100%) Many are saying that they got the emeralds legitimately and that they didn’t mine them in a huge mine. I would like to remind everyone that the *majority* of villagers spawned in the premade towns and allowed people to easily and quickly trade for emeralds. Many towns have hundreds upon hundreds of spare emeralds as we speak (2 weeks after the reset!?) and several have over 1000. This is all because the server glitched in the world generation and did not give us an expected output. We clearly feel bad about the situation and want to resolve it amicably, but handing it all back after the reset defeats the purpose. Topic 2: I was not clear enough, my error in writing has caused a lot of votes based on misinformation. 'Candidates' will be selected by the moderation team under this scheme. The vote will pick from the candidates. The candidate who wins will always be apart of the next 'election' and have the chance to maintain their spot if they have earned it in the eyes of the server. This applies for either the Moderation or Helper ranks. Topic 3: We want to sell meaningful items that add value to your experience. If we sell a kit with 100 Mob eggs for example, yeah that might be fun but then you will never explore for that/those animals again. You will become bored of that aspect of the game. Even selling 2 at a time ensures the same halt in gameplay. That is why we sell mob eggs one at a time. The example goes for all, we do not want to give you such powerful armor that it never breaks and you become content with beating everything and everyone. There is no challenge or continuity in that. It simply leaves a stale and boring game in its midst and you will likely go back to playing Mini Games. True suggestions that are fair to the experience of survival and fun gameplay will honestly be considered and you may see it go live. If your idea is good enough, we will even give you a sample of the product Quick Tip: If for any reason you wish to change your votes, you are able to do so by clicking the 'remove vote' button and re-casting your votes.