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  1. Weekly Livestreams

    I am also video taping! Every time I am on the server I am Recordinf for my youtube chanel! it is new so...yeah! My channel name is BlackRainbowVideos I dont have THAT many videos and i need to edit the fuirst video lol I am at school now so I will provide a link later (stupid school blocked youtube!) Thanks! GackelGaxter1
  2. Screen Recording

    I don't know if this is the write spot to do this but i just want to ask... What screen recording software do ppl use? Like i am using a windows 7 64 bit comp and i NEED a screen recorder! i want to download for free so if u can put a link up as well! It will be used for Minecraft as well as other games Thx! GackelGaxter1
  3. Screen Recording

    lmfao thx! but quick time is all i need atm..
  4. Screen Recording

    i have both! i just like my desktop better then my macbook lol
  5. Screen Recording

    omg! i live there too! what age (mind if i ask) o lol sorry...i wanted like a free one...looks like i am using my quick time player on my mac -.-
  6. Screen Recording

    u r in ontario! where??? and links for download?
  7. ok...so this guy admitted to using x-ray mod...idk if this is aloud but ppl told me to report it...so i am
  8. Admitting to using X-Ray mod...fatz0mb1e

    where did Canada come from? lol Is she from Canada? Or is it b/c i am the leader of the town Canada?

    NOOOOOOO! CREEPER!!!!! ur da best man! Hope ur unbaned good luck
  10. Grief report: tomegamee

    This is him running out of the house after he griefed! the coordinates of this griefing is: x: -802 y: 67.62 z: 12305.655 tomhamee also griefed OodrloO's Manor at the coordinates of: x: -889.029 y: 69.62 z: -2291.0726 He also destroyed a day of crops at the coordinates of: x:-829.49 y: 70.1 z: -2295.45 (picture 2) He ALSO griefed OoDRLoO's reed farm which was around the coordinates of: x: -850.226 y:64.6200 z: -2255.635 For ppl that were effected in this griefing: OoDRLoO, CreeperKing247, aulii, wdnspoon (not online but his farm), and me (GackelGaxter1) Please do not accuse the following ppl b/c they are NOT part of the griefing attack. They were building and helping to rebuild. 1. OoDRLoO 2. aulii 3. CreeperKing247 3.nickfarley (he saw and walked over to help) 4. GackelGaxter1 (broke some blocks to get coordinates (not griefing) 5. wdnspoon The flint and steel in some of the pictures was b/c he died due to a creeper explosion and the items were collected. CreeperKing247 also says "He killed me and he burnt my items! i had a diamond suit of armour on!" oh,yeah! b4 I post this OoDRloO's spawner in his house was broken (we don't know who did this)! The spawner was locked by a the coordanates of this spawner is: x: -901.300 y: 41.62 z: -2278 (it is not EXACTLY in this spot b/c i did not want to break blocks to get in...i have NO clue as to how he got into there... Casper Grimshaw was online at the time but he could not do anything b/c he was in jail that would be very helpful. He says he has NO clue as to why he is in jail...if you could please explain to us why he is in jail. He is LEGITIMATELY in jail b/c he has no commands... Pictures: 1. The first picture is evidence to the death of Creeperking247's death by fire at the hands of tomegamee (the second picture has evidence of him burning other ppl as well in the chat) 2. The second picture is of OoDRLoO running towards him trying to protect his (OoDRLoO's) reed farm. Thank you for your time and sorry for the trouble From: GackelGaxter1, OoDRLoO, Creeperking247, Casper Grimshaw, wdnspoon and aulii.
  11. Grief report: tomegamee

    i know -.- what a waste...