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  1. PlayStation’s Future: Good News and Bad News

    I have a Playstation. It never gets used because of the 6 hour updates before playing each game. Then after that, you are forced to download it to the harddrive. I dont have the time to wait > I must play now!
  2. EA, named America's worst company

    I hate the fact that with EA games you have to have the Online pass. So if you didn't get a new copy, you have to pay extra to play online. Also, if you playing ME3 from the beginning like I did. You would be upset that the hard work you put into 1 and 2 have almost no effect to the outcome againts the reapers. They dumbed down the gameplay to accompany the simple minded players who couldn't handle a complex Armory system and Leveling system. (It wasn't that complex to begin with) Now, you can blast your way through the game no problem. The highest difficulty, Insanity, feels like the normal difficulty in Mass Effect 1. I won't spoil the ending, but I wasn't as upset as the average player. I was only upset that the ending did just that, it ended. There was no epilogue. Straight to credits. The new dlc Extended cut whatever is what I wanted. EA America's worst company, no not really... they're bad, but there are companies way worse. Thats my 2 cents. *more like a couple bucks watever...
  3. An Introduction that Speaks for itself

    This is why I still wanna live on this planet:) Uh-Maze-ing