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  1. [Competition] Top Poster Competition

    Dang. Didn't know it happened. Oh well
  2. Stuck in a nether portal

    Hmmm never heard of that bug before.
  3. LDShadowLady logs onto server= Pandemonium!

    And I missed this? Ugh.
  4. Mob disguise error?

    Thank you Bosie and Tarquin.
  5. Mob disguise error?

    so I am a premium user, and therefore I can use mob disguise. However, for some reason, it says: [bPermissions] You don't have permission to use promotion tracks! So...any solution?
  6. 1.3 Update

    What about the map? Will it be a new one, or continuous?

    comebackkid, u should ask him more sincerely lol. no oh god, please, no caps and mutiple exclamation marks..
  8. towny

    iConomy failure.
  9. wtf. all money is gone.

    omg. wth. i had 250k in my bank, and we had around 300k in our town bank. but now it's all gone. wth?! PLEASE HELP.