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  • Gender Female
  • Location Sydney, Australia
  • Interests playing video games,talking to cats,and throwing stuff at my xbox for "making me lose"
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  1. 10 Years Goin Strong

    Congrats,on your long journey of adventure :3
  2. Super Weird Dream

    Once I had a dream where my everyone in my family was a zombie and I had too kill them ;w;
  3. Damn

    Its ok.She comes on alot really,just not like everyday
  4. Hey guys!

  5. The Long Silence

  6. I'm BACK!!!

    Welcome back :0)
  7. Looking for Stranges

    YOU'RE better than classy?
  8. I want to fly dragons!

    King,ill be the first one to see it rite? i enjoy looking at eggs. eggs are very nice.
  9. Look & Feel

    i like the dark one
  10. Ren Fest footage!

    thats how i enter my house every time i have good news :3
  11. pink spartan....

    well this masterchief is pink.
  12. pink spartan....

    nah its master chief