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  1. Any Commands Members don't know about?

    Well, if you want to see more cool commands, try the /lwc It has some cool commands like auto close doors and magnet chests See where it goes..... >:D
  2. Happy another year you are not here L1ZZ :)

  3. I see the sun!!!

    They say i gone mad, the end sky is among us. Nonetheless i see the light, i see the sun in this darkness......... https://www.dropbox.com/s/o3y9umtid502fjg/2015-03-17_15.49.38.png?dl=0
  4. MvM Tonight

    Woot tF2!!!!!!!!! I'm down
  5. The Greek Loan

    its true
  6. I love you

  7. Drawing.

    looks like sketch filter
  8. I'm baaaaaaaaaaaack!!!

    You were gone?.......Anyways, welcome back
  9. Terrible Program I have .-.

    just wondering, if its a bad program, why you want us to download it.......
  10. My Dream About the Server

    phew, i thought i was jailed, but then again it may have been hern the cat. =D
  11. another drawing >v<

  12. My schools art contest!

    If you can keep all art related files into one single thread, that would be great =D, you know, just keep adding to the same thread all art you done and will keep posting