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  1. Upcoming Server Updates

    Eep! This is exciting, can't wait for all the changes ^-^ I can't really say anything about the reset for LDS since I haven't actually played since the last reset so yeah.
  2. I love you.

  3. Terrible Program I have .-.

    Sai is a good program but it's not an easy program to use, even i had trouble moving from Photoshop to Sai for drawings. Plus you also have to pay for Sai. >.>
  4. another drawing >v<

    You did that in Sai? I can never get the colouring to look right in Sai when I try do things like this xD This is so adorable >.<
  5. A chibi if u want :3

  6. Bekahchu I can make you into.

  7. Bekahchu I can make you into.

  8. Plz update to 1.6

    Spamming the forums will not make it update any faster. We have told you guys a number of times, and you should know from previous updates, that it takes time for the server to update and we tell you not to update straight away because we need to wait for all the plugins to update, which takes time.
  9. Farcry 3

    No problem c: We haven't, I'm sorta new around the forums but I've been on the Teamspeak once when Forrest was on, I don't talk much. >.< I know that lazy feeling don't worry be as lazy as you want haha, It'll give me something to look forward too ^-^
  10. Farcry 3

    Loved both of these ^-^ Can't wait for the next one.
  11. *Harass harass harass*