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  1. Lizzie in a Panda Hat & Onesie. (Chibi Fan art) :3

    that is super cute! Kawaii
  2. My Attempt At Drawing Lizzie. (first try)

    Thank you ^-^ I've gotten better at drawing I'm hoping to draw a new one and do far better XD
  3. Purple Gorillas!

  4. My stories

    ugh i need to make myself update my stories XD
  5. Drawing Lizzie (2nd attempt) My Own Interpretation

    No I dont lol XD but I'll make one with my username.
  6. I drew this out of boredom, and as a way to redeem myself for the last one. I hope this is a little better :3
  7. My Attempt At Drawing Lizzie. (first try)

    Thanks XD I was very tired when I drew this.
  8. Haha. Be gentle please
  9. Hot chocolate sounds good!

  10. My stories

    I posted chapter 2 of Forever Cursed.
  11. My stories

    I'm working on editing lol XD and I'm going to continue very soon.
  12. My stories

    Hey guys! I saw this and figured id post on here about my stories. I write love stories on wattpad (mostly paranormal). All of my stories are pg13 but i figured id show you guys and post a link to my page. Read comment vote please let me know if you liked what I have so far! http://www.wattpad.com/user/NemmyMulvey
  13. Can not wait to come back!