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  1. ankcta i appealed for my unjail so please can you read it

  2. Hi Ank, its me Foxmist I wanna come back to the server. Please! I've changed now and I promise that I will behave and be considerate of others. Therefor I sincerely apologise for my griefing days that have now ceased. I hope you find it in your heart to allow me to return to ldshadowlady. Thank you

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  ^_^:wub::biggrin:

  4. Any Commands Members don't know about?

    There's not a lot of hidden commands. There's towny. There is a list of towny commands atwww.abgn.net/towny Some of them are usable, some are not. Obviously there is /home /spawn /tpa (name) /tpahere (name) /tpdeny /msg (name) (message) If someone is being annoying ..... /ignore You can use the same command to unignore them. /cinfo /lock or /unlock /cprivate or /cdonation or /cpublic are all different types of locks for doors and chests For premiums and Vips: All of the above /hat Premiums have 3 homes, VIPs have 5 so .../home (name) To disguise as a mob.../Dis and /undis
  5. Remember to go and vote for your next community rep!! Good luck everyone! 


  6. hello Ank, hope you are okay.....

    I am fine, but just a bit confused and upset. This is because I seem tobe in jail permanently which I do not want to be in. Please reply to one of my posts explaining why I am in jail (and for how long!) enjoy your day,


    P.S You seem really nice on Minecraft! I hope we can get along now! :wub:


    1. Ankcta


      You didn't even give me a chance to respond. Please do not spam the forums in multiple areas about your jailing.  Make one appeal and wait for it to be responded to. It could potentially take up to 24 hours seeing as mods have lives and sometimes are working or sleeping (I know it's hard to believe). Your appeal will be responded to when a mod becomes available  (most likely when I get home from work). 

    2. buzybee


      Okay, I'm sorry, I guess I was just annoyed at my sudden jailing. I will not do it again.

  7. Waddle Waddle ^_^


    1. FollatonWood


      AYYYYYY Ank ^_^;)

  9. Cause who doesn't need a little penguin in their lives? 


  10. Reasons to love Ank ;)

    I WASN'T SURE IF YOU WANTED ME TO STALK YOU OR NOT. Ionly got Kye's and Emma's emails from stalking them. They didn't give it to me lol And thank you Furry, you are so sweet. You can call me Mother Ank anytime you want.I do have to put up with a lot of people though.Most importantlythat @SoccerRoks30girl. Gosh she could be such trouble sometimes. Stay away from that troublemaker and you'll be fine.
  11. 2015 LDShadowLady Fanart

    You should do a side-by-side comparison of what you used to draw like and how you draw now so that we can see the difference. I'm glad you have decided to stick around, hopefully I'll see you on the server sometime soon.
  12. Reasons to love Ank ;)

    Aw thanks Ukarya! Glad you enjoy playing on the server, you've been around for a very long timeYou should come on teamspeak more often! We always have a great time!
  13. Reasons to love Ank ;)

    Not yet created Tarquin. I'm sure it would have a lot more responses lol #BlameAnk
  14. Reasons to love Ank ;)

    LOL you guys are such dorks. I love you all That storage area turned out much better than I thought it would, and the lighting doesn't look too terrible either. And I absolutely love PotatoToes
  15. Happy Birthday weirdo <_<