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  1. Fairy Tale

    No problem ^^ I'd love to read more from you~
  2. Fairy Tale

    That was amazing, You're an great author ;u; <3333
  3. LDShadowLady Anime Form ~Coloured~

    So cute @A@
  4. Lizzie in a Panda Hat & Onesie. (Chibi Fan art) :3

    >w< So darn cute <333
  5. My Attempt At Drawing Lizzie. (first try)

    *w* awesome
  6. Happy Birthday LD SHadowLady!

    @^@ I'm super late...Your welcomes!
  7. Parkour map

    The MineCraft forums???
  8. Terrible Program I have .-.

    True,very true.It isn't the easiest program out there,but it has some of the best quality,if you play with the tools a bit...

    OAO amazing
  10. I got married!

    your welcome i guess
  11. Skin Please

    I'll try
  12. Forgot to put it on the 2 DRAWINGS 1 RANDOM THING

    your puppy is adorable
  13. Parkour map

    ;w; I was looking forward to your map

    You have some pretty good taste in music!
  15. Hey, please read this. :D

    OwO nya (almost a month late)