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  1. Ankcta's Birthday Party!!!

    That penguin stole my glasses and outfit!
  2. Early Access 12/6

    Awesome as usual! I loved hearing the old Power Rangers Theme, nostalgia kicked me in the face.
  3. How's it going kilias?

  4. Team Fortress 2: Man vs Machine Update - The Truth!

    I love killing Robots. Robots don't like my Rockets.
  5. Working full time sucks! x.x

  6. Steam Summer Sale

    My Armor is hype My Shield is excitement My Sword is money In Gaben's name, let no wallet survive!
  7. Early Access 6/8 =D

    Those were all pretty dang awesome.
  8. What D&D charater would you be?

    Lawful Good Human Paladin (2nd Level) Ability Scores: Strength- 14 Dexterity- 15 Constitution- 17 Intelligence- 16 Wisdom- 17 Charisma- 14
  9. The weekend of silence!

    You're gunna tape it, then we shall discuss while you watch it!
  10. Shoulda taken an autoshop class!

    But of course!
  11. Shoulda taken an autoshop class!

    I wouldn't make cash of people like you, i'd do the work at cost. (For the bro's and friends, at least)
  12. Shoulda taken an autoshop class!

    I'm going into school for Automotive Technologies, and i've been working on cars for years. I win.
  13. Questions for OTRWA

    What's your take on the meaning of Life Ant?
  14. TF2 Competition

    Alright, who's getting their ass kicked now?