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  1. Community Vault: New Year Suggestions

    [Topic 1] Whatever happens here is fine with me. [Topic 2] This server is over working its few active Mods. There needs to be something to encourage players to develop the skills needed to Moderate the server. I think Mod helper would be a good way to get a number of players to start thinking of the server as a whole, and not just how they interact with individual players. Perhaps the Mods should select the candidates? Keep the elections simple. Have a minimum time on the server to be eligible to vote, so a large group of newcomers cannot skew the elections. Have a limit to the duration of the mutes and bans a helper has access to. Maybe have an ingame link to make it easer for players to make a report or request help. Yes, there is the potential for an abuse of power. But that potential is always there, and always needs to be watched for. [Topic 3] Having a newbie rank when you first come on the server, and then ranking up to member after playing a certain number of hours, would fit in nicely with being eligible to vote for Moderator helper. I would like to see a 'random' or 'grab bag' egg that has a chance of spawning a horse. LOL you may have to buy several before you get that horse! /fly... if it is decided to have this one available to players, then make it for a limited number of uses. [Topic 4] Having changes in the game keeps things interesting. (The slimefun was a good one). Anyone that needs things to get more difficult to keep from getting bored should go to the Abyssal Feed the Beast Server.