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  1. Lizzie IS THE BEST BEDDAR DAN CUPQUAKE :') I remeber when she had 100 subs

  2. Luv the #evilarmy :3 super cute hair by the way!

  3. Lizzie your my favorite youtuber

  4. Check out my drawings I hope you like thenm

  5. your soo funny keep up the hard work :D


    thanks everyone :3
  7. Amnesia DLC

    Imagine being sat next to her! It makes the whole game 10 times scarier with Maddie screaming in your ear >.< bahaha
  8. Welcome

    oo the theme is so cuuute ^-^ love it :3
  9. LDShadowLady - Perfect Intro

    oh lawdy that's embarrassing ._. haaahah