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  1. 1.3 Update

    yeah! im coming home from holiday
  2. 1.3 Update

  3. 1.3 Update

    btw who is coming to 1.3 party?
  4. chillin in Texas ;)

  5. 1.3 Update

    we proberly will keep the same world
  6. 1.3 Update

    sorry changed to 21st of august cos "locolocoguy" cant make it on the 20th (he's going to blackpool)
  7. 1.3 Update

    Changed plans cos every 1 was looking at the update on August first i moved it to the 20th August (after i come back from holiday) hopefully then the server would have been updated Party Info: what: a party where: In the party room underground (you will be teleported there on the day) why: to celebrate 1.3 time: 7:00pm UK time zone if you cant make it to the party because you are in a different time zone I would be happy for people to volunteer to host a second party in your time zone to volunteer (for the other time zone) - Bar person - main host - seperate host - a person to be in charge of the minecart rides - a person to be in charge of the archery
  8. 1.3 Update

    btw me and some other players are hosting a 1.3 party on the 1st of August when it comes out! make sure there at 6:00pm the reason i cant host it when the server goes to 1.3 is because on the 5th of August i go on holiday for 2 weeks and the server may update during that time anyway see you at the party be at least online an hour before the party starts (so i can tp you to it)