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  1. Hey Everyone! This coming fortnight we are running a daily competition. Each day from Wednesday 14th November to Tuesday 27th November, the game 'DIRT: Showdown' is being given away to 1 person, that is the top poster for the day. The rules are as follows; Spam is NOT considered a post. If thats what you do, you will lost the opportunity. All games are delivered as steam codes, these ARE transferrable and you may win multiple (A maximum of 3 over the 2 weeks, no more than 1 in a row) Minimum posts to be eligable for the competition is 5 on each given day. Staff reports are excluded from the count, therefore staff cannot win (Makes it easier for members to ) Attempts at generating quality content to win the competition may result in additional prizes Quality Reviews of movies and/or games may be counted as 2 posts and increase your odds of winning! This is a blatant attempt at increasing the forums traffic, as such activity in ANY section is counted. If you are a fan of LDShadowlady or 40PF or SolidSnake, then you are most welcome to post in their sections, we will ensure that it counts and you have equal opportunity. This article will be updated if the steam codes run out prior to the competitions end. Click here to view the article and Post Comments