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  1. Hey All! No need to stand up, its just me! We have another competition coming your way in a few weeks inspired by LDShadowlady (Check her out!!! Shes That Awesome!) Click here for a chart of times for when the event is; http://www.abgn.net/r/w I have based it on my local time (Yes I am waking up early on a Sunday for this!). First of all, The Prize(s) First Place: A Minecraft Account for you or a friend, we will contact you with the gift code within a week of the competition. Second Place: Borderlands Game Code via Steam. Bonus for FIrst Place: If we get enough participants to make this a true challenge, First place will also receive VIP Access to the forums, our MC Servers, Teamspeak and LDShadowlady's MC Server. * The Rules and Requirements All participants have to put their name down, as we will be whitelisting servers for each round. Our hopes are to get enough people to fulfill all rounds, otherwise some may get a second chance in order to fill out the numbers. If you have played before and feel you are very good at this, please let us know, we are going to put the 'professionals' in their own game to give them a true challenge if there is enough of them. Please be honest, it increases your fun factor Rules: No PVP for the First 30 Seconds. This rule has been withdrawn fur to popular demand! You may NOT break any blocks except 'Long Grass' 'Leaves' 'Spider Web' You may Craft Crafting tables from wood in chests or that a creeper destroys from a tree. You may NOT collect Crafting table and take it with you. You may craft items from materials collected from chests. You may team up together, however there is a limit to the amount of winners (See below) Once you die, please leave the game, or you will be banned for the rest of the round (Nothing personal, but the chat is meant to remain silent!) Round Information: Option 1: Requires 96 Players Total Round 1: 4 Games of 24 players each - Last 4 standing per game will win You may team up! (2 Games at a time will run on 2 separate servers) (#96) Round 2: 2 Games of 8 Players each - Last 2 standing per game will win. You may team up! (1 Game at a time) (#16) Round 3: 1 Game of 4 Players. Start time 'No PVP' is tripled (90 Seconds). This round determines the 2 winners. OR Option 2: Requires 48 Players Total 8 Games of 24 Players Each (4 x 2 Games at a time) Each Player will have 4 Opportunities to score points Users are scored by their death! If you die first, you get 1 Point, second gets 2 points, so on so forth. Last to die gets 24 points. At the end of all 4 'rounds' the highest scoring player will be the winner! ----------------------- We hope that in both scenarios we run no more than 4 hours or so total for all competitions, and hope to coordinate a live stream coverage of both servers at all times. ----------------------- Event Coordination The Coordinator of this competition is the Abyssal Gaming Network. The administrators/event leaders are Tarquin999 and LDShadowlady. If you have any further inquiries please let us know. The Moderators of this event are ; Loki_Cain, LaztChantz and SmallBeans (More TBA) ----------------------- We hope to see you there and having fun, we will use teamspeak for the majority of the event as well as the forum shoutbox for announcing server lists / start / end. So if you havent already, please try to have teamspeak (You dont NEED to talk!) and the forum open and ready on the day for the beginning*. Sign up Here: http://www.abgn.net/r/y You must have a forum account to register! - Accounts are free, join here: http://www.abgn.net/join *Subject to change without notice
  2. Abyssal Gaming 2.0

    Hello Everyone, Welcome to Abyssal Gaming 2.0. As usual there WILL be bugs and what not, so if you find them, you know how to let us know! We hope you enjoy the new look, increased performance and added features. Abyssal Gaming is open to everyone, let your friends know we are here to stay and prosper, no matter who tries to say otherwise! So here's whats new since the last major announcement! Congratulations to our new Moderator Mickket! Congratulations to our new Moderators throughout the last few weeks, Mark88880 and Paderson We welcome LDShadowlady officially to the network. She is my personal favorite channel on youtube. Her videos are hilarious, and are guaranteed to make you giggle like a little girl until you burst with laughter. We also launched the official LDShadowlady Public Server at the end of April, you can find out the information on our new Server Information page. We also welcome SolidSnake745 as an affiliate as well. He does some very entertaining stuff with old technology. Check out his youtube channel! 40PF Is officially running rap battles on the forums, check out their forum for more information! In the works, a new TEKKIT server (This server WILL be whitelisted and run by our new Moderator, Mickket) It will obviously require a Technic client installed. More information will follow. We have a new website logo by one of our resident artists, Ayjayo. We have brought back the nice little games and chat engine on each page. All features are accessible to all users. We are currently running podcasts every week to 2 weeks, with random visitors and topics. They are pretty interesting to listen to, and often the images that accompany are hilarious! (lol Sharpness) Check the episodes so far on the Youtube Channel We have launched an events Teamspeak server. If you are running an event and need a free Teamspeak channel, message me directly and you will be given a channel as well as channel admin to it. Otherwise its free to use; EVENTS.ABGN.NET The server is a 500 Slot, so everyone is welcome. We still use TS.ABGN.NET:9993 as our primary server, so don't go changing to that to talk to the regulars. Thank you for being a part of our community, it is you the users who make it what it is today, and for that we want to thank you over and over. We hope to see you soon on our servers, Teamspeak and forums and hope you enjoy your time here. Thank you and Kind Regards, Tarquin, Abyssal Gaming Network
  3. Warning: Large Post Incoming And the winner is... This was built in secret while everyone else was busy griefing each other. It is underground, entirely crafted and dug out manually and by hand. A very impressive feat for 2 weeks while dodging griefers.
  4. Hello everyone! The Abyssal Gaming Network has a lot going on at the moment, so let me update you all on what's new! Public Server Upgraded! The Public server has finally been upgraded to 1.2. We have more punishments for the griefers and more features for the donators. Premiums get MobDisguise as usual, although the commands have changed (Updated command list) VIP's get even more mobs as well as the ability to use the baby mob command! Yay! (Updated command list) In addition the Inventory Save function has been upgraded for VIP's, it now saves your experience as well! Premiums will continue to enjoy the lack of inventory loss when a creeper comes up behind you! New Server! There is a new server in our midst that you can apply to join here It is called the Hardcore Survival Server. It is a server designed for the tough players who think they have what it takes to legitimatly build a beautiful creation while dodging their enemies, both mobs and players. Features include hardcore PVP, no anti-griefing measures and a reward for the best build at the end of each month. More information can be found in the application thread! To make it harder to hide, here is a Live map of the server: http://www.abgn.net/r/9 Also coming soon is a creative server. This server will be whitelist building for the artists amongst us, and everyone can come visit. We will announce more closer to release. Site Features The Abyssal Gaming Network has always had a lot of resources, but now we have put them up to the public. Webhosting can be purchased from our website under the services tab at the top. We may not be the cheapest in town, but we have the service and knowledge to help anyone get setup with a new website. Coming Soon: Minecraft Server Hosting [ Click here for Services section ] In addition to the hosting, we have a TinyURL generator for any links that are too long to share with others! Part of this service includes a small widget for your browsers Bookmarks toolbar that will automatically turn the current URL into a TinyURL. Want to give it a shot? There is no limit as to how many links you can compress. Here is a link (Shortened using the TinyURL): http://www.abgn.net/r/8 One last feature (unused for now) is that we now have a downloads section. You will see it populated very soon with misc files. In addition the Image Hosting now works for all registered members. Affiliates With More to come, we have partnered with a few small affiliates. None of us are huge and famous, but we all have our specialties and love doing what we do for the fans. You will be able to find an entire fan section for each partner on our forums. 40 Psychic Frames (40PF): These guys do voicing, music and general audio including parodies. Their stuff is hilarious and worth a listen! Dreadlow Gaming: Ledo is a good friend to abyssal gaming and will be running the official RPG Server of Abyssal gaming once it is ready (This could be a while off). in addition he is also working on custom Single Player mods for the Abyssal Community which will be found in our new Downloads section mentioned above. We have a few others in the works, but nothing is confirmed, so you will see no mention until they are. Logo(s) Although not final and 100%, we have a new logo for our forum and social networking done by Ayjayo himself. We hope you can join us in thanking him for the time he has spent with us to create this imagery and the time he will spend helping us further in the future. Thank You Ayjayo! As you can see we have been busy, we have wanted to release content but the limitation has been that 1.2 plugins haven't fully updated. Even now there are plugins missing that we needed, we chose to forgo on those for now as they weren't mission critical. I have held of this giant announcement until we actually had a list of items to announce! I hope everyone can enjoy what we have to offer.