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  1. Website Update

    Hello Again Everyone, I am proud to present a screenshot from the now, under-construction website. It isn't far off being done, I am just finishing some of the core functionality. Please find below a list of features and changes that are a direct result of the website upgrade and changes to our systems. The Downloads System has been terminated and removed. (It wasn't being used much anyway)Some of the current content pages have been removed as they were apart of an old CMS plugin.New Server Listings & Information All Pages will have information like the screenshot, including hints, tips, rules and known issuesIssue Tracker This will allow us to communicate known issues with the players so that if there is an outage or something stops working, you know why when we do.Server Status Indicators You can see it at the top of the current screenshot, and will also be available in the menus, the servers will all show if they are up and online or if they are offline. Basic stats like Users Online are available where supported. These indicators will be available on the forums as well once the integration has been fulfilled.New Ticket System * This is currently under construction * We want to streamline the process and make it as easy as possible to sumbit reports. When live, these reports will include the previously announced 'report-a-mod' so that if you have an issue with a staff member, you don't need to be afraid to let us know.Staff Applications Staff applications have once again been streamlined and re-integrated into the new look. They will be easy to file and be made public to all. This lets you see your competition and allow you to see how many have applied. The same rules apply as in the past regarding multiple applications etc.Rules & Info Pages Rules, Privacy Policy and Terms have all been updated. It is expected that every user read these pages to understand how we use data you submit to our servers as well as the rules we expect you to follow while using our services.A couple of How-To's Need help setting up Push-to-Talk or Teamspeak itself? We have you covered. Hopefully when people start requesting more, we can get some more helpful tutorials up and going for people.FAQ Section We intend on setting up an FAQ section, it will cover everything from Premium Subscriptions to server inquiries.Getting Started & Other Guides Servers will get guides depending on their content, including the aforementioned How-To's as well as getting started on the server and how to use the server mechanics to your advantages (Such as surviving certain mobs etc)Changes to Premium & VIP While no major changes are being made to the program itself, how we present it is. We have come to realize that due to the recent issues in Minecraft causing a lot of mod support to drop, we have been unable to match what we used to offer. We don't like the idea of misleading people into giving up money. Because of that we are going to be more transparent with what each paid membership offers as well as trying to update the specifics on a per-server basis. Paid Memberships will have a dedicated page where they can keep up to date with what their membership does and doesn't include and what the benefits of moving up are.Fully Mobile Friendly The forums may not be able to be fully mobile friendly, but the website will be. If you want to check if there is a server issue that is stopping you for joining on MineChat, you will be able to check the website on your phone or tablet!Without further ado; A screenshot! http://abgn.net/public/newweb/Screenshot1-LDS.jpg (Also attached to this post!) There is a lot more to come but for now I am keeping some stuff under wraps, most of the staff doesn't even know yet - There is much more I'd love to show you but it would ruin some of the upcoming changes and additions. I hope everyone likes the look of the new site as much as I've enjoyed developing it. P.S I would really appreciate feedback! Original Announcement: