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Cheap Ian Thomas Jersey

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Carolina Panthers TE Ian Thomas is the next generation of Keep Pounding With 51 days left to go until the Carolina Panthers kick off the season against the Dallas Cowboys Cheap Shaq Thompson Jersey , Bradley Smith wrote a stellar tribute piece talking about the only man who will ever sport the number 51 again for the black and blue, Sam Mills. That article got me thinking again about his inspirational “Keep Pounding” speech and the incredible playoff run it inspired, and about how his legacy and message of overcoming adversity transferred perfectly into the living body of Thomas Davis.Thomas Davis has been an incredible standard bearer for the Keep Pounding mantra over his NFL career, enduring an astounding amount of knee surgeries (three to be exact) while continuing to perform at an All-Pro level, and even playing in the Super Bowl with a broken arm. Now a cagey veteran, the team is going to have to start to consider a time without TD on the field. It could be as early as next offseason, but it also could be a little longer according to TD himself. Either way, the on-field legacy is going to need a new host. Thomas Davis is perfectly healthy and will hopefully live a long life after football, and I’m sure he’ll maintain that same driven spirit, but the team needs a guy on the field that exhibits that virtue http://www.pantherscheapshop.com/cheap-authentic-torrey-smith-jersey , that tenacity to overcome and prevail, someone who just has “the stuff” Sam Mills talked about baked into his bones.Enter Ian Thomas, a mid-round rookie tight end with an inspirational backstory that anyone can cheer for, but has yet to play a down in the NFL. Panthers.co 716a49b370d4862bc6f9afa3d03587a1.jpg m did an amazing video outlining his story that I highly recommend you all watch:If that doesn’t move you, quite frankly, you can’t be my friend. I want all the best for this kid, and I want his NFL career to be a keynote on what is already an inspiring life.Obviously, both Sam Mills and Thomas Davis have a long list of on-field accomplishments to go with their stories and right now we have no idea about Ian Thomas the player, but we have received a great look into Ian Thomas the man. That ability to rise above and turn each hard-earned inch into a mile, that’s the stuff that inhabited Mills http://www.pantherscheapshop.com/cheap-authentic-jarius-wright-jersey , still inhabits Davis, and oozes from the pores of the Keep Pounding mantra. Time still has yet to write the NFL story of Ian Thomas, but the book is hard leather bound, the pages are crisp and resilient, and the desk is sturdy. May the spirit of Sam Mills guide the hand over the pages in a way that honors a great off-field story with a tremendous on-field legacy.KEEP POUNDING. That was the game that Panthers fans have been waiting to see. Cam Newton was sharp. Ron Rivera and Norv Turner were aggressive both early and often. The defense generated both pressure and turn overs. These are the Panthers that can make a run at the playoffs. We all knew the team had talent and we all hoped they would be able to put that talent together for a complete performance. That they did so is great, but not a reason for optimism. It was a confirmation of suspicion. The reason for optimism is that their complete performance led to a 36 point game that saw the Panthers effectively running out the clock for the entirety of the fourth quarter. The question against this team was whether or not they could score enough points in a single game to keep up with the Kansas City’s and New Orleans’ of the NFL. Yesterday they did that against one of the top defenses in the NFL and still had time to tap the brakes.The defense struggled on the first drive before forcing three turnovers and three punts to cap off one of their more complete days of the year. The offense also struggled on the first drive, as well as on their opening two drives of the second half, but otherwise kept the pressure on Baltimore the whole game. They rarely settled for less than a field goal.The closest you can come to saying anybody had a bad day would be Eric Reid’s missed tackle on Alex Collins’ early touchdown run, Dontari Poe’s poorly timed sideline penalty, and Jarius Wright not catching a ball on third down that hit him in the hands. All of these mistakes were easily overcome by their respective units. That is the kind of team that Carolina can be. That is the team they weren’t against Washington.In the waning seconds of the first half Cheap Ian Thomas Jersey , facing fourth and seven and up 21 to seven, Rivera shocked the world by going for it. Not only was the play call not a half-assed draw play to Christian McCaffrey, it was a pass from back-up quarterback Taylor Heinicke. The completion and conversion on that play allowed Graham Gano to kick a 54-yard field goal and gave the team momentum to carry into the second half. This is what I mean when I talk about the kind of team that Carolina can be. Their mistakes weren’t compounded from drive to drive. They scored and then they tried to score again, regardless of how their opponent was doing. Rivera has talked since he got here about becoming the team that “twists the knife” instead of the team that edges out close games. He is finally coaching with that philosophy and you can see the results.I said a few weeks ago that I was done with Rivera. I argued that he was stuck in his old, fuddy-duddy coaching style and had given little evidence that he would change. After eight years, why would he? Yesterday was the game that I never thought I would see from him. The Panthers are prepared to be one of the most dangerous teams in the league, just like I am prepared to eat my words, if Rivera keeps this up for the rest of the season.

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