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Hey guys! Thanks for stopping by the forum. I think this will be a fun and easy way for you guys to get a hold of me if you have any questions or suggestions - etc. Also, I will probably post here if I want to do some group videos with you guys (using team speak).

At the time of this post I don't have any sub forums because I am not sure what kind of things you guys will post here - so just post anything you want! Questions, suggestions, things I should know about - or things other people who watch my channel should know about. This isn't just about you guys talking to me, you can talk to each other and hopefully get some new friends as well.

Also, if you joined just to post here, well... I am flattered - but if you click around you can post on other peoples pages (like LDShadowLady) and the Abyssal Gaming Network forums from the same account!

So go ahead and make a topic or post in someone else's and lets get this going!


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Hello and welcome! Looking forward to having you around!

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