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10 Years Goin Strong

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A message from Wyatt Furtherton of 40PF:

Today, March 19th, 2013, marks the 40 Psychic Frames ten year anniversary. Ten years together. Ten years of 40PF. Even though we are constantly looking back and referencing our past in almost everything we do, it's still hard to conceptualize what ten years really means. It doesn't feel like ten years. The music doesn't sound ten years old (shut-up). We don't look ten years older (seriously, stop laughing).

Our history is very important to us and we see ten years together as 40PF as an amazing accomplishment. Sure, there is a large body of work we have together that is tangible and more than worthy of celebration. But more that, this anniversary is indicative of how close our friendships are and how much we value our relationships with each other. It is in these relationships and interactions that which we treasure most. Maybe, hopefully, our music and our work will live on, but it was never about that in the first place.

We'd like to thank the fans for their continued and tireless support over the years. What we lack in volume we make up for in pure enthusiasm. To reach one person outside of our group in a meaningful way is overwhelmingly awesome and we want you to know how much we appreciate it.

We have been working long and hard over the past year on a lot of new material and while we had hoped to have released it all today, sadly it's just not ready. Rather than release something we aren't completely and totally proud of we decided to wait until we can finish everything to our satisfaction. Historically this is kind of new to us, as we usually try to write, record and release things as soon as possible. So in light of this exciting and rewarding new procedure we hope that you, our devoted fans, understand and remain patient. We promise we won't disappoint you. Here's to 10 more years!


Click on the link below to listen to a new track off the upcoming album!

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Congrats! I look forward to everything you guys continue to do!

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