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About this blog

Hello and welcome to my blog, where I ramble about happenings in life and whatnot.

Entries in this blog


Holy crap, it's been a long time since I wrote in this blog...

Anyway, here are my first impressions of Wolfenstein: The New Order, after playing it for 3-ish hours.

Gameplay: The gameplay in Wolfenstein is pretty straightforward run-and-gunning á la 1990s. While your health technically does regenerate, it is divided into 5 "chunks", and your health only regenerates up to the maximum of the current "chunk". The rest of the health has to be replenished using medkits. You can also overcharge your health beyond the 100% point, and it will slowly degenerate down to 100%. Wolf:TNO also has stealth to pace out the regular FPS action a little. Surprisingly, the stealth sections don't get tedious.

Storyline: The New Order is set in an alternate reality in the 1960s, where the Nazis won WWII and rule the entire world with an unrelenting iron fist. William "BJ" Blazkowicz was hospitalized for 14 years, and once he "gets out" (read: kills a couple of Nazis and gets out), he's told the truth. Blazko then sets out to find the captured Resistance fighters. Early on in the game, you're given a choice that will change the overall tone of the story.

There you go.


Basically, this blog entry is all about my struggle to fix a problem with my laptop earlier this morning. If you just want to skip that crap, there will be an important piece of information at the end.

The problem started yesterday. I booted up my laptop, and the Windows startup screen showed up. After that, absolutely nothing. Total blackness. I restarted my laptop a dozen times, running startup repair a few times and doing a disk integrity check, and eventually the laptop worked as if nothing had been wrong.

Today it was worse. I spent an hour and a half shutting down and restarting my laptop, running every diagnostics program I could find, and blackness kept crawling across the screen after the Windows startup screeen. And it didn't even prompt me for a disk integrity check, not once. I'm assuming that's how the problem eventually solved itself yesterday.


I will be taking my laptop to maintenance ASAP, and by ASAP, I mean Monday as soon as I get out of work. I'm not sure how long the maintenanace will exactly take, but I estimate that it will take at least two days.

So basically, I will be offline for a few days starting from Monday.

Bye for now, and keep your fingers crossed for me that whatever is wrong with my laptop gets fixed.


Having thought about a lot of stuff lately, I felt like sharing some of my thoughts with fellow members of the Abyssal Gaming community. Some of it might be random, some less random.

One thing I've found myself pondering a lot, especially in the past weeks, is what I actually want to do with my life. What kind of job I want to have in the future. Whether I want to work in the music industry or not. Whether I want to become a professional musician/artist or not. Whether I want to be a big name or not. I've spent the last seven months or so pursuing my dream of becoming a musician, but when it comes to thinking about popularity, I become conflicted. Half of me wants to stay independent and play relatively small shows, while the other half wants to headline festivals and conquer stadiums. Even I am not sure which direction is the right one to go.

I've also caught myself thinking about life and death (which is probably not the best train of thought right before going to sleep). I wish to live long and prosper. I wish to have a girlfriend or even a wife someday. I wish to continue my legacy in the form of a son or a daughter. You can never be sure how long you are going to live. Apparently there are about 70 years in an average human lifespan, though, and it seems plenty enough for me.

Oddly enough, I don't remember much of the other stuff I've been thinking about. Let's just say that's the random stuff.

To conclude this post, I will quote Albert Einstein: "I believe that a simple and unassuming manner of life is best for everyone, best both for the body and the mind."


Now then, here's another first impression/review/blog thingamabob. Today I will give you my first impressions on Dead Space 3, having played it for a couple of hours.

Gameplay: Dead Space 3 uses the same gameplay formula as the previous two games. You shoot away at things from a third person perspective. Again, Isaac Clarke is dismembering necromorphs. Dismembering enemies is an efficient, foolproof tactic to neutralize the threat (at least a little, if not completely) and deal extra damage to the poor bastards. And I absolutely love it. Somehow I found myself strongly disliking the few firefights with human enemies so far, though. And the checkpoint save system.

Storyline: Story-wise, Dead Space 3 continues where the previous game left off. Isaac has succesfully stopped two necromorph invasions, but now a third one has struck. And so Isaac grabs the trusty plasma cutter once more, but it does take a little convincing from the military. Isaac even has somewhat of a nemesis this time: Jacob Danik. Somehow the story doesn't seem as appealing to me in Dead Space 3 as in the previous two games.


This summer, supposedly, is a really busy one for me. Due to my current situation as an unemployed, fresh upper secondary graduate, I have certain duties to take care of, but those duties are not the only reason why my summer is busy.

Next Tuesday, I will drop by the nearest "work & employment" office to apply for unemployment allowance. I'm not entirely sure how much the allowance is, but I'm thinking it's around a few hundred euros a month. Anything to help my financial situation even a little.

Last week of June, from Wednesday to Saturday, I will be going to the first ever Rock The Beach festival in Finland. As you might guess, it's held in Helsinki, the overcrowded, polluted, rush-hour-for-half-the-day capital of Finland. Rammstein and Stone Sour are the two bands that convinced me to buy a ticket. I'm absolutely pumped.

Another festival that I will (probably) be attending during the summer is Ilosaarirock, which will be held in Joensuu on the second weekend of July, from Friday to Sunday. Motörhead is the main attraction of that festival. I also applied for volunteer work, which will win me a free ticket, provided that I get chosen.

I will also be attending Assembly, as I have been since 2011. You could think of Assembly as a gaming convention, but it's not a gaming convention as such. It's more of a demoscene/LAN event. The main attraction at Assembly will be an orchestra playing music from video games across the generations. Assembly will be held in Helsinki on the first weekend of August, from Thursday to Sunday.

So that's my plans (and duties) for the summer.


Life has a very interesting way of turning out. Sometimes it feels like there's absolutely nothing wrong, but at other times it's like the cold heart of the jerk your ex-girlfriend dates. But the ups and downs life offers are just guiding arrows. Life itself is the teacher. The only way to learn from life is to live it.

Now that I have your attention, allow me to tell you about the ups and downs of my life, and what I've learned from life through them.

I was disgnosed with Asperger's syndrome when I was 7 years old. For those of you who don't know what Asperger's syndrome is, in a nutshell, it's a psychological condition that can be good or bad. In my case, it's half of both.

Some might call my sense of humor "weird" or "different", but I call it unique. Then again, "unique" is more or less synonymous to "different". I have a sense of sarcasm which some people, including my own mother, don't understand.

While my unique sense of humor is the good thing about my Asperger, the bad thing is my shyness. And I hate it in myself. Because of my shyness, I don't have too many "real" friends, and therefore I don't have a girlfriend either. Then again, I'm not currently too keen on getting into a serious relationship. I'll just enjoy single life as long as I can. But back on the friend topic. I do have a few friends, but only one of them lives relatively close to me, and I usually meet with him on weekends. And my BFF lives about 250 miles away, but we chat almost daily.

I believe it goes without saying that I was bullied in elementary. Even if most of the bullying was (thankfully) verbal and not physical, it was still a living hell. I'm not sure if it was the bullying that made me somewhat of a bully myself, but I am sure that either way it wasn't fun at all. I'm not kidding when I say I hit a girl once. I don't know what I was thinking, now that I recall it years later.

As for the better things that have happened to me, I am glad that I made a friend that truly cares for me, just as I care for him. (I'm not going to mention his name, though.) He stood by me the few times I was down, but mostly I was the one who stood by him when he went through a series of unfortunate events. We have shared many great moments together, not a single one less great than the other.

And what I've learned over the years is that life has a very interesting way of turning out. The ups and downs life offers are just guiding arrows. Life itself is the teacher. The only way to learn from life is to live it.


Now that I've played Bioshock Infinite for a while (that is if 4.5 hours in 3 days counts as a "while"), I thought I would share my first impressions of the game with you.

Gameplay: Gameplay-wise, the game doesn't offer anything ground-breakingly new. You have a gun in your hand and another one in your pocket, you have a shield that regenerates (thank God the actual health doesn't regenerate), and you can use different powerups known as Vigors. The Vigors are a nice addition, though, and in a pinch, you have your faithful companion Elizabeth to help you out by throwing you a med kit or some ammo. Even on Easy difficulty, the combat can get nicely challenging at times, but then again, it might only be because I'm a noob at modern "duck 'n' cover" shooters, as I call them.

Storyline: While the gameplay doesn't feel fully appealing to me, the storyline is what makes Bioshock Infinite as addictive as it is. Without spoiling too much, there are a lot of twists. Keep in mind that I have not finished the game yet when I'm writing this, but so far, the story of the game has gotten me extremely hooked. A prime example of the addictiveness the story of Bioshock Infinite provides is the 2-hour session I played earlier today.

Elizabeth: I just have to give my impression of Elizabeth too. In a nutshell, she is a very interesting personality.

And that concludes my first impressions of Bioshock Infinite. Please bear in mind that these first impressions are based solely on my own opinion of the game.


You may not know this about me, but I am a dedicated metalhead. Why, you may ask? Please take the time to read this post as I give you three reasons why metal is my favorite music genre.

1. A diverse range of subgenres. Death metal, thrash metal, black metal, symphonic metal, alternative metal, progressive metal... I could go on forever. Metal offers almost anything you could possibly desire, from calm and peaceful to brutally fast.

2. Actually meaningful lyrics. For example, the following lyrics, written by Corey Taylor:

"You're looking at an absolute zero / I'm not the devil, but I won't be your hero"

Compare that to this:

"Baby, baby, baby, ooohhh..."

You see a difference? Even if this may not be true of all subgenres of metal, lyrics may reflect one's personal experiences or beliefs, and therefore you can even relate to them in a special way. Believe it or not, I've had my fair share of broken-heartedness, and I've heard songs that reflect my experiences with women, as well as written one myself.

3. Some of the best musicians are/were metal musicians. Being a metal musician is all about talent. And not just thinking you have talent, but having actual talent. If you've listened to the works of the likes of Ronnie James Dio, Robb Flynn or Dave Mustaine, you'll know what I mean.

And that concludes this post. Please bear in mind that I do not by any means intend to get you into listening to metal music, but if I did manage to catch your interest to get to know metal music better, feel free to do so. ;) After all, it is solely my personal opinion.

Thank you.

- MFG38