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Departing for Departed



Address: CR.ABGN.NET

The server should be up and running at the time of typing this. I'll type up a better post when I'm not about to fall asleep.

The server is now running the modpack "Feed The Beast: Departed"

The available commands are;

  • /spawn
  • /back
  • /tpl <player> (Not sure if players have access to this)

You will drop your items when you die. Your items will not drop into the world but will rather be on your dead body. Right click on the body to get to your dropped inventory.

I added a couple mods which were not included with the modpack. These mods are REQUIRED to get on to the server.

FTB Utilities


You can add these mods to your mod pack by dragging them into your mods folder in the proper modpack client or you can use the FTB launcher to add them.


Click on the Edit Mod Pack (Make sure you have the Departed modpack selected)


In the next window click on the "Add Mod" button to bring up the file explorer. Simply navigate to wherever you downloaded the 2 mods to and add them to the pack. And that is all there is to do to get on the server.

Good luck, Departed is very dangerous. Take the starter books advice, seek shelter IMMEDIATELY.


What is the ip? How do i join this server?

the server ip is the same as the old creative server on here which is CR.ABGN.NET... you download the feedthebeastlauncher which can simply be found by googling ftb and downloading the launcher for the original site... then make sure that you add the extra mods which are stated in this thread already by clicking on them to download and add them in the edit mod area which you will find when you open the launcher and click on departed

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Did you added those two mods to in the edit mods area of the fun launcher?

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