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Server Update v2.2




  • Significantly lowered the drop rate on presents.
  • Added more goodies to rare presents.

World Portals

  • World portals no longer teleport players to a specific area. They will now teleport players to a random location on a specific world.


  • The Industrial Winter and Ice Dimension have been removed. Although these 2 worlds had interesting land generation and world mechanics they often confused the majority of new players. They also lacked player interactivity to warrant having the worlds running.
  • With the removal of 2 worlds The Grand Frontier world has had its world boundary increased to 4000.


  • Ender Magi foci regen rate has been doubled.
  • Ender Magi teleport should be more responsive.

  • Solders crashing leap ability is much more effective now and should no longer prematurely trigger at the players origin location. It will also knock monsters up into the air and slow them down. This skill now deals damage to other players who are PvP tagged. Lowered the cooldown of this ability to 6 seconds.
  • Soldiers have a new bashing ability. Sneak-Attack to bash an enemy back and slow them for a couple seconds. Bash has a 4 second cooldown.


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