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Unemployment and festivals = my summer, basically

This summer, supposedly, is a really busy one for me. Due to my current situation as an unemployed, fresh upper secondary graduate, I have certain duties to take care of, but those duties are not the only reason why my summer is busy.

Next Tuesday, I will drop by the nearest "work & employment" office to apply for unemployment allowance. I'm not entirely sure how much the allowance is, but I'm thinking it's around a few hundred euros a month. Anything to help my financial situation even a little.

Last week of June, from Wednesday to Saturday, I will be going to the first ever Rock The Beach festival in Finland. As you might guess, it's held in Helsinki, the overcrowded, polluted, rush-hour-for-half-the-day capital of Finland. Rammstein and Stone Sour are the two bands that convinced me to buy a ticket. I'm absolutely pumped.

Another festival that I will (probably) be attending during the summer is Ilosaarirock, which will be held in Joensuu on the second weekend of July, from Friday to Sunday. Motörhead is the main attraction of that festival. I also applied for volunteer work, which will win me a free ticket, provided that I get chosen.

I will also be attending Assembly, as I have been since 2011. You could think of Assembly as a gaming convention, but it's not a gaming convention as such. It's more of a demoscene/LAN event. The main attraction at Assembly will be an orchestra playing music from video games across the generations. Assembly will be held in Helsinki on the first weekend of August, from Thursday to Sunday.

So that's my plans (and duties) for the summer.


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