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So, 5th grade year comes around, for the first time in my life, I thought things might change.

I finally started making friends, and I met an incredible girl who loved being around me,

For the first time, I felt like I actually belonged somewhere.

Like I finally fit in.

Like I mattered.

But next thing I know, our car is packed full with our stuff,

Looking in the rear view mirror, I see my life fading from me,

Then we turned the corner,

I was lost...

3 long days later, we arrive at our new house,

Empty and foreign as it stood, packed with strangers all around.

We left my town of less than 1,000 people,

And arrived at one with over 800,000.

Surely luck would be in my favor,

Someone here would have to like me...

I had no idea how wrong I was.

I started at my new school the following week.

Fruit Cove Middle School, "The Flyers",

I had never in my life encountered 'preps',

But this school was packed full of them,

It was all about cliques,

And not one of them had a spot for me.

I was a nobody, just an outsider looking in.

Most people were thin and athletic, and they just thought they were everything,

In that school, they were.

There was no place for someone like me,

A short, weak, fat, no name kid.

The bullying immediately started back up,

I was some yankee, coming into southern territory, with all these 'rednecks'

(They aren't really rednecks, they just like to think they are by wearing camo)

But I was different, and it's not okay to be different in this area.

The mental bullying I was used to, and it continued 10-fold.

But I finally got over the physical abuse before I moved,

And it started back up again, I was powerless.

I couldn't stand up. I was knocked out 6 times my 5th grade year.

I would be walking down the hall, next thing I know I wake up in the nurse,

11 black eyes, and 2 cracked ribs.

Hatred wasn't even a term I could use to describe this god forsaken place,

I detested it.

I figured nothing in the world would be worse than my 5th grade year.

I mean how could it, I was lonely and broken.

I was nothing.

Just a toy for the 'populars' to beat the shit out of.

But, even through all of this, I somehow managed to keep my head above it and just keep moving.

Until I got to 8th grade, at that point.

The spiral began.


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