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  2. Community Vault: New Year Suggestions

    EDITED [Topic 1] Yeah, after a long hard think.. reset would probably be the best option. I was hesitant before as I enjoy exploring the structures but, if something was to replace that then go for it! [Topic 2] If mods were to pick the candidates then yes, I believe it would be a great idea Extra suggestions... With all the ore mines available, how about bringing back the shop like the old one at spawn so players are able to trade in ores for emeralds. Also, slime fun houses on the last map made it really fun to explore the maps. The slime fun guide was a great way to keep preoccupied on the server as it wasn't easy to get the items but, they were worth spending a lot of time on! If something like that could be brought back it would be really cool Auto sort was a really handy feature when organising chests too.