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  1. Stuck in a nether portal

    Yeah, that's been a glitch for a while, but this is the first time people have been trapped and had to get rescued from them. They're not able to go back through or tp away.
  2. Stuck in a nether portal

    Ok, you're free. You're the second person who has reported this, so we'll have to figure out what's going on. :/
  3. Stuck in a nether portal

    You have to be online for me to save you. Can you go AFK?

    Put in a report at http://abgn.net/report, Be sure to put your coordinates.
  5. Look & Feel

    I'd like that option, too. I like the look of it being really dark with the way the font stands out.
  6. Teach us Tekkit!

    I'm glad you guys recorded this! Good to know it's not all oil rigs.
  7. Survival Games Plugin? Or at least we do the map

    We only put the server up for the event. There will be an announcement on the site for players to sign up if we do it in the future.
  8. Survival Games Plugin? Or at least we do the map

    Occasionally, Twitch does run a survival game event for ABGN, so keep an eye on the forum, especially the shoutbox, for the next announcement.
  9. THERE IS a bug

    What you're experiencing still sounds like lag. Sometime when we're on, call me over if it's happening and I'd like the verify the area you're trying to break blocks in and see if there is anything I can figure out. It really just does sound like client-side lag. Do you get a message when you get kicked? Sometimes the nocheat plugin will get you if you're doing things too fast like falling from a high distance, dropping too many items, etc, so this may be a possibility. Make sure you don't have any mods on your game and I recommend you install Optifine and lower all the settings to help reduce lag. Let me know if it happens to you when you see me on.
  10. Lock door problem at my 2nd outpost :/

    Yaz, Simba & I both told you we'd let the senior agents know the location & it would get taken care of when they can get to it. In the future, if you haven't already spoken to a mod, put requests like this in at http://Abgn.net/report with the coordinates. Just be patient. A request is already in about this.
  11. i hope this glitch can be solve

    What you're describing sounds like you're just experiencing lag. The server isn't having any major issues, so it's probably on your side. If you're not in a protected area like Lazt said and having this problem, try resetting your internet.

    You can pay through PayPal with a credit card without having to log in or create an account. Premium subscriptions cost $6 a month-- pretty reasonable for the benefits that come with it and knowing you're supporting the community.

    Happy Bee Day!
  14. how to claim plot at nether

    Do /town claim outpost. The plot area goes by the natural alignment of the world chunks so it would be best to stand on your spawner to ensure it is inside the claimed area.
  15. thing to remove pls

    The door has been removed at this location. If you still have chests that need removal, don't post it here. We will accept a report at abgn.net/report if you have coordinates of any chests that need removal.