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  1. we have had a few survival games, but i think Twitch is the go to guy for this, too many people didn't show up and didn't hold the plan when they told they would with ABGN, and some arseholes cheated last time, so I think the views on it are a bit on a scale of whether it is worth the time or not

    everything comes with some nice bonuses especially VIP, I mean, how many people can say that they go under the ABGN Virtually Indian Population? not many
  3. Forrest's Birfday!

    Happy birthday you old hag
  4. Steam Summer Sale

  5. Modern Art

    nice looks good
  6. Modern Art

    You make combustible lemons! >
  7. Another of My Builds: Candy Mountain

    looks good not exactly a mountain though but as close as you get :3
  8. TF2 Mini-series

    looking forward to it then
  9. Another Google Tech-Movement

    Dead Space, here we come ;D
  10. Hunger Games - Event Information

    Why? people actually need weapons to kill anyone. no one is going to right on attack anyone
  11. Hunger Games - Event Information

    don't be sad. All the more chance that no one will group up and beat your arse
  12. Crysis 3

    i just hope they use the whole engine this time. Was a bit narrow gameplay last time around.
  13. Hunger Games - Event Information

    we are capable of teaming up. Is that coordinated through teamspeak, or how is that going to work? And is the teamspeak open for talking doing the games?