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  1. Happy April 1st everyone hopefully you managed to have fun and stay out of trouble!

  2. Community Vault: New Year Suggestions

    [Topic 1] I would have to agree, it's not even been an entire week yet and there's already people with x2 the amount of wealth they had upon resetting and builds that aren't actually theirs. The game at this point couldn't even be too fun for people, or at least not for too much longer. It may be fun racing to the top to be the richest person or biggest town (or both), but it's hardly a challenge when it's all handed to you. One diamond vein (in certain spots) yield more diamonds than a lot of people had on the last day of the previous map, that seems highly unbalanced. When it comes to the naturally spawned towns and buildings it's hard to say if they're a good or bad thing. Of course it's best if people go out, have an adventure, gather the items they need and make their town theirs down to the last detail, but some people can't or don't like to build, so having something to play around in might seem like a fun solution. When it comes down to it, you'll always appreciate something you've worked for far more than something that has been handed to you, places such as pre-built towns blind you from having fun. Those people who may have chosen to use a spawned town, are likely the same exact people who push for early map restarts, they do this because they get bored because they have nothing left to do. With having your town already established and built, there's little to no point in doing much else and then you'll get bored and by February you'll start asking for a map reset. Ancient doesn't HAVE to leave, it should in fact stay, modify the negative features. Maybe open it up once a month to players to explore or [Topic 3] sell some kind of tickets for people to gain temporary access 1 hour $10 (pricing is off). If nothing can be fixed or changed then it's best to just void it out completely and hope for something else to come in its place in at a later time, maybe something like the frozen or industrial zones from last map (with the effects that you're harmed for being there too long). If you have to have a place where resources are over-abundant make the risk just as high as the stakes, make it dangerous and worth the trip there. [Topic 2] For those who have been around for the past few years it's not a secret that we have had many changes in staffing over the years. So, this is an interesting topic for me..As a strong supporter of abyssal over the past 4years it has always been important to me that we have responsible, reliable staff members who can keep things in order while avoiding much conflict during the process. People who don't have favoritism when it comes to people breaking rules, who can look past your rank (member,premium,vip and vip+) and still make sure everyone stays within the limited rules and guidelines to ensure the server stays clean, PG, and fun for all! Ever since I started supporting the abyssal team I desperately wanted to be part of the team and help out more than my donations, I've always wanted to help keep the community safe and clean for all users; however this opportunity has yet to come to me, but there has always been a strong team and that's really all that matters. While it may seem like fun being in a leadership position, it can actually be very chaotic at times and literally everyone else comes before you do. Trying to build or mine something? Somebody has a problem? Guess what, you're going to have to stop doing stuff you want and take charge. You have an obligation, a responsibility to the community to make sure all the rules are being followed and any conflict is dealt with in a calm and collective way, it's important to be able to defuse a situation without getting angry or emotional yourself and arguing with the individual. When it comes down to it I'm always going to believe the current staff should vote on any new staff members. There are certain staff members I feel should have more of a say than the others in any moderator selection system, whether it be the one currently in place or the one we're discussing now. I am not really for this whole election thing, but I am willing to give it a try. Let people help decide who they would like to see in charge could be a good thing, we won't know if we don't try. [Topic 3] With the new cosmetic shop coming out I may have some suggestions in regards to this: however it has yet to be release, so I can't actually suggest too much. It basically has packages of cosmetic points for sale to help people get gear quicker, but since I don't know how things are priced I can't provide much insight. Have let's say some VERY VERY expensive super awesome cosmetics for sale for 10,000 points, but you could also buy those points for $20 or something. Sell individual enchantments for $5 each and a mega pack of x5 enchants for $20 any normal enchantments that someone could get using a forge, Eff 4+4 is Eff 5 could be bought for $5 instead. Maybe instead of having a per request system, sell tokens for a special shop that you can buy any/all enchants. In Addition to this, there could be Super Tokens to be able to buy special enchants such as fortune/looting/thornes,ect 5+ these would cost much more as the enchantment is much more rare, so maybe $20 each. Purchasable (non-hostile) spawners, this includes all animals and villagers (would cost more then the animals) Purchasable (hostile) spawners, this includes all mobs from the surface world, nether and the end (each would vary based on selection) 1x use dragon egg, for people who would love to fight a dragon, give them the opportunity! $5 per egg (egg would vanish after usage and none would spawn after defeat) Future purchases of 3+ months of premium could come with a bonus, extra cosmetic tokens, in-game currency. ect. A Premium based loyalty program, where the more months your subscription stays active, the bigger a bonus you get, bonus could be in-game currency or cosmetic tokens, maybe month 1 - 100 tokens, month 2 200 tokens, ect and at the 1 year mark you get a bonus of 5000. There could of course be something for vip, and vip+ since they are lifetime members, maybe vip get 1000 cosmetic tokens a month and vip+ get 2000 a month and at the 1 year mark they get 10 ,000 and 20,000 respectively (again I can't really help design a realistic guideline on values without knowing what the prices will end up being) I would Love to /fly but not even the management can use that (aside from mickket and the admins), so if this were to become forsale/for rent it would have to be a considerable amount. I had previously suggested $100 for perma use, but looking now I realize that is rather cheap. Suggesting any price would probably be an insult and is best left for those in charge to figure out how much or even if it will become available. Upgraded vip/vip+ compass use, for $50-$100 have a less limited compass, more features. Outside of specific areas be able to compass down or through walls, could add other unspecified features too. I'm sure I've missed some and will post more as I come to think about it, this is a fun hypothetical topic for me! [Topic 4] Difficulty is a big issue for many users, but we have to remember that our main playerbase is children (or at least our targeted audience is). I would hate to see things forced on people who might find vanilla hard to traverse sometimes. This is not an attempt to be insulting, but I have read many times in chat where people have had problems with spiders, beefing up the current mobs system might be the wrong direction. I suggest we keep the epic region as it is until we reset the map again and instead have regions [Topic 1] in place of ancient that is meant to be difficult and gets increasingly harder, or add new regions month or bi-monthly that are harder than the previous. This would allow people who are after a challenge the chance to go die..As stated before these areas could also bring increased loot and each region would be better than the last. Adding new regions might prolong the life of the map, so those who are happy on the epic map don't have to lose all their hard work in 6months when people get bored. There could be a cooldown in place as there has been in the past for teleporting, but there could also be an option [Topic 3] where they can buy no cooldown from the online store, $5 a month or $30 for perma no cooldown. The cooldown shouldn't be anything crazy like some of them in the past have been, no more 5-10min cooldowns. I think 20 seconds to 1 minute is acceptable, but at the same time might be enough to make people spend an extra $5 for zero seconds. I would suggest a taxing system by month two or three of this map, but I know in the past plenty have struggled to make the daily limit and with emeralds being currency I think it'd be more trying. I don't feel it's especially fair that those people lose their town and have themselves at risk of grief over a simple mechanism. Also not everybody has time to get on to go out and find emeralds to meet the upkeep. I think if there was going to be taxes, there's have to be spawn shops where you can trade various materials for emeralds and thus eliminating the pressure some people might feel. Also I feel some people might not being having fun doing what they want if they're worried about losing their town because they HAVE to find emeralds instead of building that farm they wanted to do. Emerald system isn't bad, just need different ways to be able to earn them if taxes become a possibility. [Topic 5] With more and more plugins and mods being added there's bound to be several bugs, it's ill advised to exploit any of them especially any that could negatively effect the economy, additionally any person(s) caught from this point on purposely abusing a bug should be un-eligible as a possible mod elected official. Try to keep the game fun and fair by reporting any questionable glitches. It's very likely you'll get caught regardless how safe you think you are, so it's best for everyone if you report said problems. Thanks for reading all my thoughts, SeddyBear <3 =P
  3. Super Weird Dream

  4. Super Weird Dream

    ONCE there was a jar of honey stuck in a tree, i was sooo sad. Then one day a guy named Mr. Chainsaw cut the tree down for me! Then I got the honey =]]] I was sooooo happpy!
  5. Early Access 2/21

    <3 Daft Punk!! Nicely done!