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  1. Quick Question

    Most likely there was a delay in answering your appeal due to the fact that the server reset. I will inform you of your previous strikes. As the map reset your jail sentence is gone, keep in mind however that the strikes on your account still stand, and each player only gets 3 strikes.
  2. Lizzie's Public Server

    If you're still having problems, please let us know what kind of error you are getting. Be sure to use a legitimate minecraft account too!
  3. I have a question...

    I have reviewed the ban appeal process and have not found anything wrong with it. Are you sure you're going to the appropriate areas to file the appeal and logged in when you attempt? Go to www.banappeal.net you then click on "Submit Ban/Jail/Mute Appeal" and fill in the slots. If you continue having problems, please screenshot the problem so we can see what you are seeing or inform us of the browser you are using. Everything helps!
  4. 10 Years Goin Strong

    Congrats! I look forward to everything you guys continue to do!
  5. Still muted?

    All appeals must be made at www.banappeal.net.
  6. What happen to the No-pvp

    There are new pvp arenas available for players. The server itself is still non-pvp except in designated areas, which you have to go through doors and pass rules in order to enter (so there is nothing to worry about).
  7. Early Access 2/21

    Thanks for the new videos! It's always exciting to watch the new stuff you put out! I hope everything in life goes smoothly, it sounds like you're quite busy lately!
  8. The server should do a drop party XD

    Drop parties have the potential to damage the server economy. Having said that players will occasionally host their own drop parties or games for other players to receive items. We occasionally run the racetrack as well with prizes.
  9. Looking forward to it! Congrats on the 5k
  10. Hey guys!

    Hello and welcome! Looking forward to having you around!
  11. I'm BACK!!!

    Welcome back! I'm glad to see you back! ^^ Some of us have certainly missed you.
  12. Early Access 12/6

    I hope your finals went well, and that you have a good time visiting your family! Glad to hear from you and see these new videos. I want to go watch old episodes of Power Rangers now. Haha. <3 Love your work!
  13. Find that wool yet?

  14. Lol funny =3

  15. Cooking with Scurvy D

    I blame you! I didn't knowwwww! ):