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  1. Oh yeah Also tell them to meet me on the creative server

  2. Hey dude look I'm banned I beg of u to tell ukarya jake and matty about it and tell them I may never get unbanned


    What? I drew a unicorn. Not a pony.

    I think you all need to learn how to draw really well. This is a unicorn.
  5. Random Stuff

    My brain hurts from trying to read this.
  6. Build Contest :P

    All right. What I have done for my creation, is a play on the match between orange, and oraange. As you can see, I have put the slightly lighter part on the lower half of my build. I think it works out nicely. As for the spider. It asked me for $3.50 to leave the area, but I didn't budge. Damn Lock Ness Monster. Always asking for three dollars fifty cent. I haven't got any three dollars fifty just lying round. The other day. He came to my door dressed up as a dolphin, saying ''Save the dolphins, only a monthly fee of $3.50'' I am always up for saving the dolphins, but then I thought about the cost. Three dollars fifty cent. It was that god damn Lock Ness Monster again. I told him. ''Damnit Lock Ness Monster. Stop coming to my door asking for three dollars fifty cent. I don't have it!'' Anyways. I think the Theme Animals goes well with my build, as I have made my porcupine as perfect as it gets (I have been told) Good luck Competitors! -Ore
  7. 1.3 Update Update

    Or else Nova will get another beating form Dan
  8. Admitting to using X-Ray mod...fatz0mb1e

    Haha. Good job Gackel