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  1. I love you


    @OreRocks I KNEW you liked My Little Pony!
  3. RIP Taylor Swift (The Horse)

    mmm Lamp chops! :3
  4. RIP Taylor Swift (The Horse)

    RIP Rusty and Too Rusty. :'(
  5. Texture Pack in the Works

    Like the title says I have a texture pack currently in the works as of yesterday and hopefully I'll finish it to a point where I can sent out test packs to some of you guys/gals. This isn't a "true" texture pack though I will mostly be editing blocks from default I don't like (changing lines and connecting texture) some however I am going to completely change. I will not copying from other texture packs and it will still be 16x16. I'd like to see some feed back from you guys on how it looks and maybe we can get this thing popular to some extent. I'll post a list below of the blocks I will be changing as well as what I'm changing and (hopefully) keep you guys updated on the progress. Anyway Thank you for reading and have a nice day. - Redhandedmatt ( * = Done) - Sandstone* (Got rid of the stupid line at the top, connect textures) - Smooth Sandstone* (Removed highlights and shades on sides, looks more like Smooth Stone, I may edit this again in the future) - Quartz Block* Done (Removed highlights and shades on sides, connects textures better) - Netherbrick (Changing colour from purple to a more dark red) - Red Brick (Adding colour to make it actually look like real Brick) - Cobble Stone (Adding colour to make it look like fieldstone) - Smooth Stone (Adding some colour to go with cobble) - Redstone Block (Changing to make more like Lapis but red) - Glowstone (I have no idea I may not change this in the future) EDIT- - Added Birch Logs (cause I want too) Here's a little preview of what I've done.
  6. Super Weird Dream

    Gman I think you should stop reading by very stupid people. >>> http://gawker.com/5951874/homosexuality-will-lead-to-enslavement-of-humanity-by-ducks-warns-homeschooled-teen
  7. Chatting with Pond

    [ABGN] redhandedmatt: NO takes red's pond away from red! [ABGN] redhandedmatt: no one* Pondering has changed their name to Lake. Lake: no more pond! Lake: mwahahaha [ABGN] redhandedmatt: *attacks Lake with a knife* [ABGN] redhandedmatt: *stabs many times* Lake: *never dies, i am just water* [ABGN] redhandedmatt: maybe its time you... CHILLED OUT! *throws Lake in freezer* Lake has changed their name to Ice. Ice: you found my weakness Ice: D: [ABGN] redhandedmatt: *puts pieces of ice in his drink* Ice: D: D: D: D: D: D: don't you dare [ABGN] redhandedmatt: *drinks* Ice: *melts in your drink* Ice: f*** [ABGN] redhandedmatt: :3 Ice: *dead* [ABGN] redhandedmatt: Mmmmmm [ABGN] redhandedmatt: tasty ice Ice: :C [ABGN] redhandedmatt: .... wait [ABGN] redhandedmatt: <.< Ice: >.> [ABGN] redhandedmatt: when you go through my body, your gonna come out the other end.... <.< oh gods Ice: kill me Ice: omg Ice: no [ABGN] redhandedmatt: XD [ABGN] redhandedmatt: lmao Ice: :'C
  8. 10 Years Goin Strong

    Congrats on 10th year anniversary!
  9. Now Im the cutest on the server/forums!

  10. Damn

  11. LD Server Reminiscing

    I remember my old place :') and then the greifers came ):<
  12. LD Server Reminiscing

    That head on the statue needs some work tho
  13. Looking for Stranges

    I was wondering if anyone has a Strange Flame Thrower they were willing to trade for scrap?
  14. The guy below me is not classy at all!