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  1. Team Fortress 2 Movie

    They made the game... no way they can mess it up.
  2. Team Fortress 2 Movie

    I know you all are thinking what? TF2 in movie form that will never happen but apparently Valve is working on a short film. Short being 15 minutes long. Don't believe me? Listen to the big man Gaben tell you himself. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JM6VnIPeHuY Also by the way I just delayed Half Life 3 again sorry. -King
  3. Hey guys!

    Welcome! Hope to see you around from time to time.
  4. Cooking with Scurvy D

    Technically ... it is your fault Scurvy sadly. But at the same time it is everyone else fault for wanting the recipe fast that made you skip over the small detail of it being a large can and not a small can. Tada I blame everyone but Tarquin, Stevie, Simba, Helle, Mickket, and myself. =D
  5. I want to fly dragons!

    It is a beautiful egg ._. it is a piece of history.
  6. I want to fly dragons!

    ._. guess what town has an ender dragon egg.... STONESHIRE. We will be opening a gallery for you to see it soon for a fee of 500 dollar entry fee
  7. Cooking with Scurvy D

    >.> Step one got to obtain the stuff to make this.... well give me some time
  8. Well...I derped this up!

    If you are playing as a spy then you will need to do more then just back stab. Concentrate on sapping anything and everything and back watch out.
  9. Teach us Tekkit!

    But even I am blue and i am not Celestian
  10. Teach us Tekkit!

    Notice... that loki is the only one that is not blue....
  11. She Knows!

    >.> Alright here is your helmet and your rocket launcher not go die by the HHH.... enjoy....
  12. Valve Confirms Hardware Development

    It is going to just be basically new inputs for video games that is all they are going to do. When it comes down to it we play all of our games with a mouse and keyboard and that has not changed much since they first came along so different types of inputs into the computer for a game would change the experience for a player.
  13. Team Fortress 2: Man vs Machine Update - The Truth!

    oh lucky bugger i get basically nothing when i try to join the queue right now
  14. Another of My Builds: Candy Mountain

    Kinda a short mountain....
  15. I am sry for what i have don to: Admin's and mod's and ldshadowlady

    I am sorry but I do not think the admin or the moderators could take you seriously when you rush your statement and made many grammar and spelling errors... It is hard to take someone seriously when they make so many simple mistakes just because they are rushing with a post. I would suggest editing your post real quick fixing yours errors and maybe it would help your case. Best wishes, King =D