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      ooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy


  2. Community Vault: New Year Suggestions

    [Topic 1] I do not think the reset is a bad idea some of the things you can find and things that people have found are putting them at an end server tier. The only thing i have an issue is with is that with my town and where im building i have already had two weeks to settle in and start building, therefore this is a very frustrating situation for me myself and im sure others. If there would be a way to clear all chests i would much prefer that. With that said i do agree that some people are at the end tier already and we should do something about it. [Topic 2] Honestly i think it is kinda stupid to give the regular players powers to elect someone to be a mod without staff say. Like said before the popularity thing comes to play and then hurt feelings and such. There are so many members that do not meet the criteria to even become a mod. The age thing and past experiences on the server with jailings mutings and such. On to Part B, A helper would be a much better choice, although we already have players that basically do what a "helper" would so i think that is pretty much a pointless thing to do. Now my suggestion, maybe have a two part election system so that the regular players run for election and then the members choose two from those running and then they could become a trial mod and then we vote between them to see who is the best fit out of those and then that person become a mod or do the 1-3 months thing like suggested before, Or when the members vote for the two people we vote between those two and then that person becomes the trial mod, and then eventually a mod or what ever you want to do with that. We could also just say no to both canidates and the players wouldnt be able to run back to back of course. We would run an election every few months to elect a new one or to replace the previous one. Or we could find something similar to that. And of course that could still lead to the popularity thing, but it will happen regardless if we let members vote. [Topic 3] I think those are some good options, definitely expanding our online shops for exclusive type things would be great for growing. Though we have to watch allowing people to buy things that put then way ahead of other players then its basically the same as what we are in now. Maybe adding different rank levels and we could get a more expensive monthly payment one that offers more than the other so people can still have premium at the price it is now or have the chance to get something more. [Topic 4] Changing the difficulty would be great, maybe a periodical thing like the first month easy then a month of normal then hard or something like that. or voting each month on difficulty. As for additive things, bring back the boss mobs, harder dungeon like areas (given we reset one world), Maybe find a way to spawn different boss mobs like we can the wither. [Post Notes] Sorry if mine is "controversial" XD Just saying it how i think it <3
  3. Pokemon-Inspired Seizure Ray Gun

    I watched that episode and it gave me a headache
  4. Halo 4: Flood Multiplayer

    The only reason I play Halo is for the story