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  1. I'm back, after an eternity...

    Hiya everybody, I haven't been to abyssal for a long, long time now... However, now I'm back! What I've been up to lately: I'm eagerly waiting for Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs, hope it will be as good as the first one. I got pretty pissed off when I bought Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, a good old action game from steam, just to find out it doesn't work on Windows 7... not only that, I have an incompatible graphics card, so none of the fixes I found on the internet works. Just downloaded Dota 2 as well, and I gotta say... I like it very much. Almost makes up for the non-working game I bought. It's a lot better than League of Legends in my opinion, in so many ways. I've been looking for work lately, in hopes of getting some extra money... I've spent most of it on CD's and band stuff, plus a couple of games, so I really hope I'll get some work soon. I have like half-a-year time before they send me to army to fulfill my service, so I really have to hurry.