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Everything posted by HernV

  1. Happy another year you are not here L1ZZ :)

  2. MvM Tonight

    Woot tF2!!!!!!!!! I'm down
  3. The Greek Loan

    its true
  4. My Dream About the Server

    phew, i thought i was jailed, but then again it may have been hern the cat. =D
  5. My schools art contest!

    If you can keep all art related files into one single thread, that would be great =D, you know, just keep adding to the same thread all art you done and will keep posting
  6. XxLDGamerGirlxX's Birthday! :D :D

    Sorry to say this,but cats have just cancelled and can't make it to your party, very sorry
  7. my horse died and now im sad ;w;

    Life s full of disappointments, but even fuller of greater things in life. =D Ne'er give up b
  8. i need help

    Nice pic of yer self, but that doesnt help in any way. This is where you shall go http://www.abgn.net/banappeal
  9. So i hear you like cookies, me 3 .......hehe

  10. Super Weird Dream

    sorry i dont follow, we the staff, or a staff like a walking stick, and also, how you know how we look like, is you really meant staff =/
  11. Damn

    damn this 'damn thread' for damming damming not being on =/
  12. Damn

    dam i did too =(
  13. Hey guys!

    This is gonna be good , welcome
  14. I'm BACK!!!

    Welcome back man
  15. Connection Problems again

    Finding Nemo's Lory, just keep trying,just keep trying,trying,trying,trying