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  1. Today I found the mail that said my automatic payments for ABGN had been cancelled and thus me finding this post.

    I've had the pleasure of meeting you in a rough part of my life, when I had almost no friends afk. I was new at uni, had way too much time on my hands and did not know how to fill it. You all received me with open arms. Just what I needed at the time. Minecraft was my creative outlet and the Teamspeak was where I came to brush up my English and social skills. I even taught some of you some dutch words, but those might have faded from memory.

    I'd like to thank Tarquin, that upside-down bastard, for everything he has done over the years and the countless creative sentences thrown my way.
    I'd like to thank the entire moderator team, but Helle and Simba in particular, for being two partners, one silent and one very vocal, for believing in me when I applied to become a moderator.
    I'd like to thank Loki, Kilias, Simba, Lazt, and countless others for the enjoyable Friday nights drinking in front of our webcams, with our own YouTube playlists or general ranting and shouting under the influence of alcohol and spirits. It certainly lifted mine.

    If you're ever in Belgium, God knows why (maybe your plane took a left when it should've taken a right), send me an e-mail: askgman9100 at gmail and I'll take a day off to get you drunk off your tata's... It's the only thing I was taught at uni ;)

    You're all beautiful bastards, and I'm going to miss you...
    You're all a weird bunch of weirdo's, and I'm glad I was a part of that bunch, even for a little while.

    Thank you all very much for these beautiful times.

  2. Greetings, and welcome on the DotA II forum!

    For those of you who play: Woohoo!
    For those of you who want to learn how to play: Woohoo as well!
    For those of you who play League of Legends: Now it's time to play a decent game...

    It is my hope to someday hold a 5v5 match with people from this forum. Until then, we'll have to make due with the people that are around.

    Hey! Why not go and introduce yourself in this topic: 
    http://forum.abyssalgaming.com/forum/8-introduce-yourself/ !

    Should you guys need any guidance or just want to play, send me a personal message via the forum messaging system and I'll send over my contact details =D

    Hope to see you guys on DotA soon!

    Honorable Judge Gman

  3. [quote name=Mustache :D' timestamp='1363497233' post='32033]

    Ok this is seriously NOT made up fyi. Once i had this dream were the staff was having a meeting in candyland and then a GIANT DUCK came and started chasing them (sorry staff for the duck).luckly a giant fladora fell on the duck and squished it and staff was safe.if u have EVER had a weirder dream......feel free to put it in the section down below o-o

    Noo! See, the ducks were planning to take over the world! I was right! Nobody believed me, but I was right!

  4. ._. exams for 2-3 months... that is a little harsh isn't it what kind of exam are they giving you? "Write text book about the class" exams?

    Belgium University is cray cray...

    We have 9 exams spread out over 2 months and a week, judging by our preliminary agenda.

  5. Even though the server does indeed have some structures that could do with some fixing up or tearing down, most of them are from people who haven't been around for a while and whose houses have been griefed.

    A house can change a whole lot in a week, and as some players have school, work, both or other things to handle with, they might not find the time to play.

    Any attempt would have to be with extreme caution and preparation (like Moderators and Management checking how long it has been since the players were online, checking if the houses were built by players who were jailed/banned, etc.) and even then, players who, for example, have to take exams for school and devote a lot of time to that and therefor do not come on the server for 2-3 months (That's how long we have exams at University here), might end up coming back to an empty space.


    Honorable Judge Gman

  6. Name: Gie

    Age: 21

    Location: Ghent, Belgium

    What games do you play?: Minecraft, FarCry 3, Farming Simulator 2013 (to get on my nerves), Tomb Raider (2013 version, never played the original one), Dishonored, TF2, Garry's Mod, Ace of Spades, FTB's Mindcrack modpack (of which I run a private server), other things... Too much to list, but mainly Minecraft.

    How did you find Abyssal Gaming?: A referral from the awesome Michgames

    How long have you been here?: Since October 1st, 2012. I'm bad at math...

    How often do you visit the website?: Not often enough... (do I get points for that?)

    How often do you visit the server?: Because of schoolwork, not a lot the past few weeks, but I've got only 1 more paper to write, so much more in the future, hoping for about 7 days a week...

    Which server do you mainly play on?: LDShadowlady

    What position are you applying for?: Moderator.

    Why do you feel you'll be a good asset to us?: Because I strive for a nice, helpful community. "Streng, maar rechtvaardig" is a saying over here, which translates to "Firm, but fair".

    Please list any experience you have in the position you are applying for: Only a Chat Moderator on Twitch, so, close to none, but I'm a quick learner.

    Make us laugh (joke, etc):

    I know some good jokes... Religion... Nicki Minaj... Nickleback... The Twilight Saga... Oh god, I'm too old for this.

    Other talents:

    Playing the piano (quite well, if I do say so myself), being obnoxious (as told by Simba), designing of evil lairs, talking like an old man.

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  7. @Arkihiro: You can get glowstone from villagers, and I'm working on a way to make glowstone available to all...

    Also: Start a thread on the forum, and ask people to comment on it. That would probably convince Tarquin, God of All Things Great; Loki the Lazy and Mickett (insert nickname here) to start working on the shops in Massalia...

    Get Mr God's attention, and you might make him even more happy than he already is today...

  8. Name: Gie Van Aken

    Age: 21

    Location: Belgium

    What games do you play?: Minecraft (most of the time), Rollercoaster Tycoon (only 1 & 2), 'Not Tetris' (a free tetris-variant), Neverwinter Nights (1 + all expansions & 2), Hitman (all of them), etc.. I'm quite the all-round gamer.

    How did you find Abyssal Gaming?: Through the LDShadowlady-website

    How long have you been here?: About 2-3 months

    How often do you visit the website?: 2-3 times a week.

    How often do you visit the server?: 5 days a week, 6 if I don't have to work or have a lot of school-work.

    Which server do you mainly play on?: LDShadowlady-server.

    What position are you applying for?: Moderator

    Why do you feel you'll be a good asset to us?: Because I'm strict, but just. I want to rid the server of griefers and hate, so there'll be nothing left but love.

    Please list any experience you have in the position you are applying for: I have some experience as a Chat-moderator on Jallenscott's Twitch.tv-channel, but I hope I'll gain much experience on this server.

    Make us laugh (joke, etc): Well, laugh until my stomach aches with this video:

    Also, I like this thingy, just because it's Belgian:

    Also, I like this song, but it'll only make you smile, not laugh: