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  1. Members and Extra

    Well Baggins, The community gives the VIP / premiums these ability because they donated obviously, as a thank you. I know as a member it might be frustrating. you might feel like you get nothing compared to Premium / VIP, I understand that. But also note that Premium isn't all that expensive. You should consider getting it, if possible / want to. I don't know what staff will do or is planning on changing anything. But I just wanted to note this.
  2. Why doesn't anyone reply?

    Would be awesome if you could draw something with a wither skeleton for me Also, nice drawings!
  3. How do i delete a topic I posted?

    You can't.
  4. Awkward Dream About Lizzie O.o

    It's quite concerning that you have dreams about a youtuber all the time >.>
  5. At one with peace

  6. Build Contest :P

  7. Build Contest :P

    Wow, that's impressive... I don't think I can beat that D:
  8. WHALE ATTACK! O____________________________________O =D

  9. ERMAHGERD! Cousin! You got VIP! =D

  10. RIP Taylor Swift (The Horse)

    NO not the sheep ;w;
  11. Stahp running away from me Hern! ;w;

  12. my horse died and now im sad ;w;

    Yeah, full of disappointments ;w; Like you leaving me everyday! D:
  13. RIP Taylor Swift (The Horse)

    Taylor shall be missed :c
  14. Plz update to 1.6

    -.- First and for most would you please stop spamming the forums, we can NOT update until all plugins are updated...
  15. Wither Penguin

    1. Ankcta


      Since when are you a wither penguin?!

    2. MichGames


      Since always ;w;

  16. Wait when did you get VIP? .-. Also, \o/

  17. Anyone want to do my French exam? No one?

  18. Hm, I'm a wither skeleton, as most of you know. I rule over the other skeletons. Withers are my brothers. My right hands. But I don't hunt them down... Someone fix that!

  19. Super Weird Dream

    SED, did you have too much honey again?! Sigh you will never learn. =(
  20. Super Weird Dream

    o.o I know this story from somewhere. Hmmmmm I wonder
  21. Geez, you're old

  22. Super Weird Dream

    NO D:< All lies! ; - ;
  23. Super Weird Dream

    Silly mortal
  24. New Feature: Blogs

    I will, I will