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    It's beautiful Ore Here's my unicorn (I had to draw it in Mlp style): Also, awesome drawing Moonwolf!
  2. Happy birthday ;):P You 17 now? xD I'm 13 soon :o:

  3. Untitled Writes - 5

    I continued to stare at her, half phased out. “Really?” She continued. “I didn’t even have any time to do my hair, and you’re staring at me. Well, I suppose you probably haven’t seen a girl in quite a while” I continued staring at her. “Ok, I’m guessing you didn’t talk to many girls before this whole thing, did you?” She rhetorically questioned. I snapped my eyes out of the trance, and replied. “Sorry, it’s been a long day” “I bet it has, you look a mess” “Thanks” I sarcastically answered.
  4. Untitled Writes - 4

    I had seen stories on the news about how scientists had discovered a parasite which can take host of a dead insect’s body, to guide it to a fresh victim. That’s mostly accurate, but instead of parasites, it is bacteria. From what I’ve gathered, the bacteria are transmitted through just about any open part of the body. That’s why I was lucky. I didn’t have a girlfriend or any partner, whom I could share my spit with. My good looking friends died almost straight away, and the more nerdy ones like me quickly disappeared. I was surprised that they died. We all used to watch zombie movies together, and play zombie games. We used to formulate plans for a zombie apocalypse in case one ever did happen. Unfortunately for them, they went outside and hung out with each other outside of school, instead of playing video games all day long, like me.
  5. Untitled Writes - 3

    “It’s lovely to meet you Kevin!” Emily replied, sarcastically nodding as if she were praising me. Today was a Thursday - not that it mattered anymore. You probably expect me to tell you that there had been an outbreak of some virus about 3 months ago, which killed most of the population, leaving me to fend for myself in a post-apocalyptic world full of zombies. Well, aside from the virus part; that’s exactly what happened.
  6. Untitled Writes - 2

    She let out a slight giggle and I just smiled back. "Thank you, so much" She said. "Emily." She continued. I didn't want to seem desperate, so I tried changing the subject to avoid too much intimacy. "It really isn't a problem at all. What the hell were you doing out here with them around, anyway?" She hesitantly replied: "I was ju- don't try to change the subject!" She laughed. I cussed in my head, yet was reliefed at her laughter. "Bla- Kevin" I answered, embarrased that I almost used my online game name (Blade979).
  7. Passwords

    This is the first time I have been on the forums in the past week... ...I kinda forgot my password...
  8. Untitled Writes - 1

    I studdied her face; eyes a pale blue colour, and the lips a strong red. She stared back at me, noticing the many imperfections in my face, such as the scars. Her face was the complete opposite to mine. There was not a single scratch on her rose cheeks, her pale forehead was not shrouded by bruises, and her light brown hair remained straight, without a single peice of dirt entangled into it. After several moments of staring into my eyes, she blinked, and a tear roled down her check, falling onto her light blue t-shirt, making a small wet mark. A smile formed on her beautiful face, after a grin, and I returned the expression.
  9. Introduction

    So sometimes I get the urge, just to write stuff that comes to mind, and I haven't really had anywhere to put these things, but my head (Brains aren't efficient hard drives), so I decided to start up this blog where I just post random stuff. I'm not an author, and I don't claim to be good at writing, but if I do suck, then at least you have something to laugh at..
  10. Is this a good idea?!

    ...So over the past few weeks, I have been looking at options for education after completing my A-Levels (Basically, the last 2 years of high school), which I am coming onto soon. Initially, I was straight on going to university to do a degree in Computer Science, but now I really like the idea of doing a Masters degree in Physics. It's not as easy as it sounds (And I know it sounds hard)... The course includes stuff like reletivity, magnetism, optics, thermal physics, and quantum theory. Yeh...
  11. Sooooo....

    So, uhhhh.. I hope i'm doing this right.. I have never had a blog before, even if this is with a bunch of people off the internet, so this will be a new expirience for the both of us (Unless you have blogged before).
  12. epic song

    Awesome! But now I have this song stuck in my head :/

    Haha! xD

    Unfortunatly there isn't a whole lot the staff can do about them, but people are told again and again, not to build right next to spawn. :/
  15. Team Fortress 2 Movie

    True. True. xD