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  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  ^_^:wub::biggrin:

  2. Remember to go and vote for your next community rep!! Good luck everyone! 


  3. Waddle Waddle ^_^


    1. FollatonWood


      AYYYYYY Ank ^_^;)

  5. Cause who doesn't need a little penguin in their lives? 


  6. Happy Birthday weirdo <_< 

  7. Hello everyone! <3 Hope you are all enjoying the new map :D

    1. FollatonWood


      ayyyyyy fam, ofc we are ;D

  8. Community Vault: New Year Suggestions

    [Topic 1] Yes people have worked hard since the restart happened, to make some of their builds but I think most people are forgetting that there may be an option to transfer bigger builds. If given that option (provided all chests and ore are removed), would they change their minds?
  9. Community Vault: New Year Suggestions

    [Topic 1] Personally I don’t mind having the ancient dimension reset since it does have a lot of pre-generated towns that people have moved into. And the diamond mines/coal mines are absolutely ridiculous. I would just hate to lose all the plots that my town has worked hard to get. It is a fair amount of emeralds to have just go to waste. It would also be a shame to have my storage area disappear since a lot of work has gone into it. I do enjoy the smaller towns that have been generated on the server, I would recommend keeping some of them but reducing their rate of generation if possible. And definitely keep spawn the way it is, a lot of people enjoy running around spawn looking at all the builds. [Topic 2] I don’t enjoy the thought of this simply because it’s going to turn into a popularity contest and I can see a lot of issues/drama starting because of it. Not to mention there are a few people that I believe shouldn’t become mods based on past/current issues which might end up being voted in because they are part of a “popular” group of users. However; if this was to be implemented, I do agree with Craftengineer about a “helper” group. If anything; bring back trial mod but change the ranking title to [helper] or something. Allow the people that are voted in to do everything that a mod does; kick, mute, check out griefs, assist with towny; everything except jail/ban players. If there is a jailing that needs to be done; have them discuss it with a mod first. [Topic 4] Definitely voting yes to changing the difficulty of the server. I suggest readding some of the custom mobs that we had last map. (definitely need to bring back penguins; I miss those little guys)
  10. Ankcta's Birthday Party!!!

    Thank you all for being amazing.
  11. I was online earlier and got off but I was able to get on the server again. Just be patient and try at random times.