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  1. I got it too xD Also unlocked the song ^_^. Ikr! >.< I can't get past 1300 its just too fast lol idk about you but it took me a while to get where you have to blow on the phone for the airplane one to stay in the sky -_-

  2. Name: Mariela

    Age: 21

    Location: North Hills, California

    What games do you play? : Minecraft, League of Legends, Nintendo games, Plants vs. Zombies, recently started TF2

    How did you find Abyssal Gaming? : Through Captain Sparklez’s videos.

    How long have you been here? : Almost 2 months.

    How often do you visit the website? : I visit the website every other day.

    Which server do you mainly play on? : LDShadowlady mostly and the Creative Server.

    How often do you visit the server? : Every day

    What position are you applying for? : Moderator

    Why do you feel you'll be a good asset to us? : I’m a very calm and patient person. I’m surprisingly talkative on chat, the oldest of three so I know how to handle difficult situations and work my way to end any problem. I have recently developed a night schedule so I am on the server late at night. I learn quickly and really have an open mind.

    Please list any experience you have in the position you are applying for: No prior experience.

    Make us laugh (joke, etc):