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  1. Hello, this is PurleFlames07, Today, me and DiamondDork94 had collected enough money to add a plot to our new town, Furis, to cover our newly built glass dome of chickens away from mobs. Upon doing '/plot claim', we encountered a problem. While I am explaining my dillema, keep in mind two things. A: Two Mods were on; Simbanm and Erthan. B: We had 2,700 dollars in our bank, more than enough to make a plot. Now, after a few unsuccessful attempts to ask Erthan for help and being either ignored or unntoced, we asked Simba for help. She responded to our about third attempt to get her attention, and upon telling her our predicament, she gave us a few suggestions,which were unsuccessful, and then a link; ABGN.NET/TOWNY. Diamond checked it out, while I tried to do the commands she listed off. After a while of fiddling with commands, we asked Simba desperatly for a little more help. When we had asked two or three more questions, she said, in a ntshell, "I would like to play Minecraft too, and I'm livestreaming with a friend, so I would like it if you could try to figure it out, I can't help you any further." This is about where I started to get a little frustrated with her. We had spent about a half and hour using her link and trying commands, getting "processing plot claim... This plot is not yet clamied." in response to all of our attempts, and we asked HER for help, not our tired selves. I Have found many Moderaters to be helpful, like HernV and BleSavage, as well as Anckta, but I always have had a little bit of a short temper with Simba, always recieving cryptic links and unsuccessfully "helpful" answers. She repeated her answer to our pleading once again, and then I just left. Diamond and I are still trying to figure out what's wrong, and I'm hoping you take this to heart, if Tarquin is reading this. Thank you, have a nice day, ~Purple