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Everything posted by Loki_Cain


    Yeah i think that's what VIP stands for. seems legit.
  2. Forrest's Birfday!

    Happy birthday forest! uhh im shit at writing on birthday cards... so um yeah make it a good one man.
  3. Rap Battle 3: Guntagirl Vs. Scurvy D

    And for the Third Rap battle its going to be Guntagirl vs. Scurvy D
  4. Early Access 6/8 =D

    I liked sons of skyrim a lot
  5. Language austin4545

    This user has been taken care of.
  6. Spamming LD chat with obscenity

    user has been muted and jailed
  7. A Few Things To Clarify

    eh your just some small person wanting some cheap kick, and the only way for you to do that is to ruin the time of others, your just a waste of space.
  8. Sharpness Cut the Grass!

    six pack... Pizza... ill cut your grass for that
  9. "Shallow Grave"

    this song is awesome, iv'e already listened to it a couple times lol.
  10. The door bug is gone... this is the best day of my life.