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  1. Moderator Chat Fail >.<

  2. Loki Vs Twitch

    Can't wait to hear this
  3. Loki Vs Twitch

    Next rap battle we all want to hear....loki vs twitch...in the most laid back, complimentary rap battle ever!!!!
  4. TF2 Competition

    I was in the top 5...what sorcery is this?!
  5. Hardcore Survival Server Comp Winner

    Nice work Ken! Looks amazing
  6. TF2 Competition

    Sounds good, hopefully I'll be on at the right time :s
  7. Premium Competition Results

    Well done dream
  8. I didn't think mass debating was such a bad thing :(

  9. Forrest40PF

    Awesome vids...been looking for something new to watch
  10. Public Server - Next Stage

    Sounds good to me