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  1. Rap Battle 3: Guntagirl Vs. Scurvy D

    The harsh tone in Gunta's words surprised me for sure...To be honest, I think she surprised everyone. If anything I have to give my vote to Gunta for performing beyond everyone's expectations. It was suspected to be a slaughter, but it was a very even match...very hard to decide my vote, but Gunta gets it. Good work to the both of you! Great performance!
  2. Well, I think its obvious who the winner is... Hahaha
  3. Sharpness, What a joke. Look at him, blowin' smoke. Wouldn't pay a dime, to hear this guy rhyme. He's nothing but a fool, probably dropped out of school. One big digrace, to the entire human race. My words, They come from the heart, Each one like the sharp end of a dart. Sharpness just can't compete, Kicking his ass was one easy feat. Lazowi Powey Wowie There's my lyrics, Forrest.
  4. Need more rep :3

  5. Nice Gurren Laggan Pic