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  1. I'll be posting updates here that occur on the server since there are a lot of mechanics and small details that cant be stuffed into the motd.

    All future updates will be posted in the blogs section.

    March, 21st 2015



    • Added a new skill "Precision Mining". Causes pickaxes to mine a 3x3x1 area. Press shift or sneak to switch between prospector and precision mining.


    • Arcane bolt now has a larger damage radius and affects zombie pigmen.


    • Spelunker chests now have a chance to drop off monsters.


    • Monsters that are spawned from monster spawners no longer drop items or experience due to the mechanics of item drops for some player classes.
    • Monsters will not drop items unless killed by a player.

  2. Much want. Question about the new custom fortresses (Which look amazing btw). Will those replace the existing type? Will they be in combination with the existing type? Are there multiple different custom fortresses. Just curiosity, if you answer woo. If you dont, its whatever, just curiosity.



    The regular nether fortresses will still be there because they spawn blaze spawners, wither skeletons, and chests. There is only 1 version of my fortress which will only be spawned throughout the nether a few times.

  3. Much like the custom overworld, I have been working on a custom nether for the server. It has no bedrock ceiling and features a varied landscape with giant mountains, rocky valleys, lava oceans, obsidian shorelines and stone patches rich with ores. Coalbock veins spawn throughout the nether similar to diamond in the overworld but with a higher spawnrate and a 256 elevation. I would reset the nether and put this one on the server but I know people have built some things in the nether and I do not want to just wipe it without giving them a chance to vote on it.


    The goal of my nether is to make it worth the time to be in the nether. As right now the only thing bringing players to the nether are nether fort chests, blaze spawners, and quartz.


    The poll has ended and the votes are in. It looks like the nether reset is going to happen soon. I recommend avoiding logging out in the old nether to avoid spawning over lava oceans or suffocate in netherrack in the new nether.



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  4. Crash on Join Fix

    Go to your FTB launcher options, click on advanced options.

    Paste in the code below into the additional java parameter then restart the launcher.

    -Xms256m -XX:PermSize=128M -XX:MaxPermSize=256m


    • Send me a PM to be considered for eligibility.
    • Trusted ABGN members. (Members with a positive reputation)
    • Premium and VIP members will have accelerated trust.
    • Having 1 strike on ANY of the servers hosted by ABGN will, by default, terminate your eligibility. However, you may PM me about your server strikes and try to convince me to let you onto the server.



    • Do not hack.
    • Do not exploit server plugin bugs.
    • Do not exploit mod bugs.
    • Do not steal another players items, obviously claimed property, and companions.
    • Do not break into a players house or area if such an area has been sealed off.
    • Do not cause major world havoc using explosives.
    • Do not AFK at spawners for extended periods of time.
    • Do not build near spawn.

    Break ANY of these rules and you will be removed from the server.

    Required Additional Mods

    These are additional mods which are required to play on the server.

    Mods which need to be downloaded
    Biomes O' Plent
    Archimedes' Ships v1.3.5


    Mods Added 9/6/2013

    Infernal Mobs


    When you download FTB: Unleashed it will create a folder called Unleashed. Put these mods into the mods folder located in .\Unleashed\minecraft.


    Disabled mods which need to be enabled through the launcher

    FTB launcher and install FTB Unleashed (v1.1.2) by running it at least once. Quit the game. Open the FTB launcher select FTB Unleashed (v1.1.2) click the Edit Mod Pack button. Under the Mods tab enabled the mods listed above. Do not enabled Biomes-O-Plenty- it is an older version which contains bugs.


    Server Address: FTB.ABGN.NET


    If you wish to run FTB Unleashed with Optifine you can do so by downloading OptiFine_1.5.2_HD_U_D5 and putting it inside your .\Unleashed\instMods folder.

  5. I was accompanying you in your mining journey and noticed that you clearly using an x-ray. After you went on your mining adventure I followed you back to your house where I found nearly 1000 diamonds in your chest. It also does not help that you have used a hacked client on our creative server which has a x-ray mode as well. Unfortunately, this is your 3rd strike on the server and will result in a perma-jail.