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  1. An emotive farewell to the server

    It is with great sadness that we must all say goodbye to the server. While things have come to an end.... the friendships and memories made, will hold a special place in all of hearts. This was the first server I ever came on and has been such a big part of my life these few years and I’m so thankful cause my life wouldn’t be the same if I had never came on. Even though there may not be a server to hop on to be able to see and talk to everyone there is still the discord where we can still be a community. I’m glad I’ve gotten to be a part of something so amazing and I want to thank everyone for making this server a good thing in my life!
  2. oh hhheeeyyyyyyyyy

    1. Bluesavage


      ooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy


  3. Happy birthday hugi

    1. gcluna


      Well your time that is lol

    2. gcluna
  4. Community Vault: New Year Suggestions

    [topic 1] i completely understand how some would feel that restarting ancient is the way to go and had this been a week ago maybe i would agree as well. my biggest concerns is how much thought and planning has already happened when it came to picking the spot and builds that have already been done. (i had a lot more written here and then somehow it all got deleted D; ) I understand how somethings that have helped some players get further in the game so soon may be something we may want to get rid of but there is also something things that some people have legitimately gotten and worked on for 2 weeks that also goes away... but either way i understand [topc 2] i have the same worries that others on here have.... and that is this will end being a popularity contest and the candidates will be more about how much fun people have with them and less on wither they are cable of doing the job well. i do like though that you are trying to get everyone involved in things that are happening on the server. if there is a need for helpers that there some sort of way to ensure that the candidates are at least qualified.. either by having the mods pick 5 people and then everyone votes.... or you have everyone vote and the mods pick 2-3 out of the top 5 if you think they will do a good job and not just because they are known or well liked. having those responsibilities even it they are given less power should be taken seriously. Also maybe considering that there powers are to be able to be invisible and screen shot to report to abgn or the mods... or also things like if they have the ability to mute, it can only be for 30 min and no more. Also a thing some people were having issues were saplings.... some saplings didnt produce the type of tree that was expected and sometime when it did there were some leaves that didnt grow either that made it difficult to repopulate or to get more of without having to worry about getting rid of all of that type of tree... maybe if there were a way to make sure that if you use one sapling it makes the appropriate tree but if you wanted a bigger customized one you would use 4... if that is possible that is without making it too complicated P.S. maybe we should consider a furniture type mod of some sort.... it will give players more motivation to build their own homes which in turn will give them something to do (credit: Ank )