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  1. Chatting with Pond

    [ABGN] redhandedmatt: NO takes red's pond away from red! [ABGN] redhandedmatt: no one* Pondering has changed their name to Lake. Lake: no more pond! Lake: mwahahaha [ABGN] redhandedmatt: *attacks Lake with a knife* [ABGN] redhandedmatt: *stabs many times* Lake: *never dies, i am just water* [ABGN] redhandedmatt: maybe its time you... CHILLED OUT! *throws Lake in freezer* Lake has changed their name to Ice. Ice: you found my weakness Ice: D: [ABGN] redhandedmatt: *puts pieces of ice in his drink* Ice: D: D: D: D: D: D: don't you dare [ABGN] redhandedmatt: *drinks* Ice: *melts in your drink* Ice: f*** [ABGN] redhandedmatt: :3 Ice: *dead* [ABGN] redhandedmatt: Mmmmmm [ABGN] redhandedmatt: tasty ice Ice: :C [ABGN] redhandedmatt: .... wait [ABGN] redhandedmatt: <.< Ice: >.> [ABGN] redhandedmatt: when you go through my body, your gonna come out the other end.... <.< oh gods Ice: kill me Ice: omg Ice: no [ABGN] redhandedmatt: XD [ABGN] redhandedmatt: lmao Ice: :'C